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Released on 12/4/2020, Panini Prizm Football Cards are considered on of the top set releases in the last decade.

Justin Herbert, Joe Burrow, Jalen Hurts, Tua, and Jordan Love are just a few of the big-name rookie cards you will find in the 2020 Prizm Football set.

With the 2023-24 NFL season behind us, we can now consider what to expect in big 2024-25. Will this be the year Joe Burrow guides the Bengals to Super Bowl glory?

I hope so!

Will Dak continue to disappoint in Dallas?

Does the sun rise in the East?

Will Jordan Love take the Packers to the second round of the playoffs?

Ask again later.

Hobby Box Contents: 12 cards per pack, 12 packs per box, 12 boxes per case. On average, you will receive 2 rookie cards per pack.

Parallels: Silver Prizms, Snakeskin PrizmsOrange /249, Blue Wave /199, Hyper /174, Red Wave /149, Blue Ice /99, Green Scope /75, Purple Power /49, Camo /25, Gold /10, Gold Vinyl /5, Black Finite 1/1 Autographs.

What’s Inside

  • Rookie Cards: twenty-four (24)
  • Autographs: two (2)
  • Inserts: four (4)
  • Silver Prizms: two (2)
  • Additional Serial Numbered Prizms: nine (9)

We will have to find out, but in this guide, I’ll talk about the ten most promising gridiron warriors and their 2020 Prizm football cards to show why I’m so hyped about them.

10 Gotta Have Cards

Below are our top picks for the 2020 Prizm football card set. Email with any questions or concerns you have about these rankings. You may also use the comment box at the bottom of this write-up.

1. 2020 Patrick Mahomes Panini Prizm White Sparkle SSP #124

patrick mahomes white sparkle prizm 2020

The first entry in our list of the best 2020 Prizm football cards is this cool Patrick Mahomes White Sparkle.

Front and center, Mahomes is in action, the football ready in his hand, his gaze fixed downfield. He’s in full Kansas City Chiefs regalia, the iconic red uniform making him stand out against the mesmerizing, multicolored backdrop that seems to capture the very sparkle of his play.

Additionally, the ‘PRIZM’ logo tops the card, while the ‘RC’ badge confirms his rookie status at the time. His name, “PATRICK MAHOMES II,” sits at the bottom in bold lettering, proudly displaying his team.

On the back of the card, Mahomes’s position, “QUARTERBACK,” is clearly stated under his name, along with an inspiring account of his pre-game moment before driving the Chiefs to success in Super Bowl LIV. Notably, the card records his outstanding season stats, affirming his exceptional talent.

Is it any surprise Mahomes is on the top of this list? Surely, bagging three Super Bowls in the past five years, including this past season, should be enough! Despite a very rocky start to 2023, the Chiefs bounced back in no time, with the special Mahomes-Kelce partnership playing a huge role in that run.

Could the three-time Super Bowl MVP make it three-in-a-row in 2024? You can’t bet against it, especially now that Mahomes has proven he can win a playoff game on the road. The Chiefs signal-caller is all about breaking records and expectations, and he is hungry to continue the Chiefs’ dynasty!

2. 2020 Justin Herbert Prizm Silver Auto RC #325

Justin Herbert Prizm Silver

Now take a look at yet another one of the 2020 Prizm football cards featuring Justin Herbert.

Herbert is in motion on the front, ready to pass the football. He’s suited up in the Chargers’ white away uniform, the number 10 clearly seen. Around him, the card has a cool blue border with a unique, dotted prism design that catches the light.

His autograph stands out in blue ink across his white pants, adding a personal touch to the card. Above his image, the ‘RC’ symbol for Rookie Card is on display. Meanwhile, his name, “JUSTIN HERBERT”, is in bold print along the bottom edge.

Turning to the back, it’s all about the details. The top features a snapshot of Herbert in action, ball in hand, against a soft grey background. Below, his name stands out, and his position, ‘QUARTERBACK’, is also present.

An interesting quote from the former Chargers offensive coordinator Shane Steichen highlights Herbert’s decision-making skills. His collegiate and NFL stats from the 2020 season provide insight into his impressive performance. Finally, at the bottom, you’ll see the NFL and NFLPA logos and card number, 325, making it an official piece of football history.

3. 2020 Tom Brady Panini Prizm White Sparkle #255

best 2020 prizm football cards tom brady

I got another White Sparkle card here, and it’s none other than Tom Brady, looking as sharp as ever.

First, the front of the card: Tom Brady, in his Tampa Bay Buccaneers red, is about to make a play. Number 12 stands out on his jersey and looks downfield, poised and ready. The card itself is alive with a sparkling, multi-colored background that’s just dazzling—a real show-stopper. Also, the “PRIZM” logo at the top signals the high-quality series this card belongs to. Brady’s name is in clear print at the bottom, with the Buccaneers’ name and logo rounding it out.

Let’s flip back: It’s all about Brady’s legacy. The top showcases a confident Brady in his white and red Bucs uniform. Right below, his name is in big letters, reinforcing who the star of this card is. A quote from Coach Bruce Arians about risk and reward gives us some flavor of Brady’s playing philosophy.

Then, we’re hit with the stats, and they’re impressive, showing just how dominant Brady has been, even into his 40s. The card number, 255, is neatly displayed, along with the NFL and NFLPA logos, marking it as an authentic collector’s item. This card is a tribute to a legend, shining from front to back.

4. 2020 Jalen Hurts Panini Prizm Auto #343

2020 Jalen Hurts Panini Prizm Auto

This stunning Jalen Hurts Auto continues our look into the most exciting 2020 Prizm football cards. Eagles fans, this one’s for you!

Firstly, on the front, Jalen Hurts appears in his white Philadelphia Eagles uniform, looking downfield for an open receiver. His number 1 is clearly visible, and he seems ready to make a big play. The card is framed with a dark, intricate border featuring the Prizm series’ signature polygonal design.

Moreover, the “RC” symbol for Rookie Card sits proudly at the top, while Jalen’s name anchors the bottom in bold, clear letters.

Flip to the back, and we’ve got a shot of Jalen Hurts in action, ball in hand, sporting his Eagles green jersey. His name is prominent at the top, and below, the card elaborates on his versatility as a quarterback. Hurts receives praise for his throwing and his ability to run, making plays with his legs and arm.

His college and professional stats from the season provide hard numbers to back up the buzz. And finally, right at the bottom, the card’s number, 343, makes it official alongside the NFL and NFLPA logos.

This card does a great job showcasing the young quarterback’s dynamic potential!

5. 2020 Joe Burrow Prizm Auto RC #307

hottest 2020 prizm football cards Joe Burrow Prizm Auto

Up next, we have Joe Burrow’s rookie card, and it’s a real eye-catcher.

On the front, Burrow is all set to make a play, football secured, eyes scanning the field. He’s sporting the Cincinnati Bengals’ striking black and orange stripes, a bold look for the promising quarterback. The Rookie Card (RC) emblem at the top marks his entry into the NFL.

Furthermore, the card features a dynamic, metallic-looking border, drawing your attention to the player. Additionally, Joe Burrow’s name is at the bottom, and the design is ground with the team’s name and color highlighted below.

Then, on the back of the card, Burrow is candid, ready to deliver a pass. His name is prominently displayed again, just above a bold statement about how quickly the Bengals decided he was their guy!

The text below narrates the decisive moment the Bengals drafted him, emphasizing his top-pick status. Moreover, Burrow’s LSU season stats are listed, reinforcing his impressive college career. Finally, the card number, 307, is present at the top, along with the official NFL and Panini logos, ensuring its authenticity as a collectible.

Across three seasons as the Bengals’ signal-caller, Joe Cool has guided the franchise to five postseason wins. Will 2024 finally be the year he gets to exorcise the ghosts of Super Bowl LVI?

6. 2020 Tua Tagovailoa Panini Prizm Auto #339

Tua Tagovailoa Panini Prizm Auto

Time to dive into one of the most sparkling 2020 Prizm football cards – the Tua Tagovailoa Auto!

On the front, Tua looks game-ready, holding the football and surveying the field for an open teammate. Wearing the Miami Dolphins’ white, he’s the picture of concentration. The card background glitters with a holographic pattern, echoing the bubbles of Miami’s beaches. Furthermore, the iconic PRIZM logo crowns the top, with the Rookie Card (RC) badge adding prestige. Tua’s signature, along with his name and team, sweeps across the bottom in blue ink.

Flipping to the back, we see a close-up of Tua’s main shot, ready to make his mark in the NFL. Here, his name commands the top in bold typeface, just above a narrative that describes his smooth transition into the number 1 jersey for the Dolphins.

The card details his Alabama stats, highlighting his impressive college career. Also, the card’s number, 339, and the official NFL and Panini logos sit at the bottom, marking it as a collectible treasure.

This card, undoubtedly, tells the story of a new chapter for the Dolphins with Tua at the helm. It’s safe to say that this past season was incredible for the Dolphins #1 on an individual level despite the team struggling to make it past the wildcard round.

I mean, Tua was getting MVP shouts early on in the season, for crying out loud! He was at the heart of the Dolphins’ blistering offense and he basically put up the best numbers of his career. If the past is an indicator future performances, this rookie card could be rising in value just like Tua’s stock in real life!

7. 2020 Jordan Love Panini Prizm SP RC #363

Jordan Love 2020 Panini Prizm Negative Variation SP

Here’s the breakdown of the Jordan Love rookie card, full of promise and potential.

Firstly, on the front, Jordan Love is in his element during an in-game moment with the football firmly in his grip. He’s wearing the classic Green Bay Packers green and gold, ready to make a move. The card itself features a sleek design, with a futuristic border that’s both stylish and eye-catching.

Moreover, the ‘RC’ symbol at the top suggests the beginning of Love’s NFL journey. His name, “JORDAN LOVE,” anchors the design at the bottom, right above the team name, creating a strong visual impact.

Switch to the back, and it’s all stats and accolades. The top gives us a zoom-up of Love’s main action shot. His name is again highlighted, with his position, “QUARTERBACK,” right below. The narrative explains how the Packers saw a future in Love, picking him in the first round.

His impressive stats from his time at Utah State are displayed, providing a snapshot of his capabilities. Notably, the card number, 363, is found at the top, with the official NFL and Panini logos, certifying it as a collector’s item.

Cheeseheads the world over will tell you that it didn’t take long for Love to make them get over Aaron Rodger’s departure. The young QB stood on business this past season, guiding the Packers to the playoffs despite a slow start.

And, of course, who can forget his three TDs to knock out the Cowboys in that insane wildcard round? Sure, he had a game to forget against the 49ers, but you can’t tell me the potential isn’t there. Love sure got a whole lot of love from Wisconsin, and if he continues his run next season, the love for his rookie cards will grow as well!

8. 2020 Jonathan Taylor Panini Prizm Auto RC #332

2020 best prizm football cards to invest in

Here’s a spotlight on Jonathan Taylor’s rookie card, capturing his dynamic presence on the field.

On the front, Taylor, in his Indianapolis Colts uniform, clutches the football, showcasing his readiness to dash down the field. His jersey number, 26, is prominent, and he appears focused, perhaps eyeing an opening in the defense.

The card features a futuristic, silver design that enhances the sense of motion, mirroring Taylor’s explosive playing style. Moreover, the “RC” symbol at the top adds to the allure. His name, “JONATHAN TAYLOR,” is present at the bottom in bold lettering, with the team name neatly below.

Flipping over to the back, we see a close-up of Taylor’s action shot. His name is in big, bold letters, with his position, “RUNNING BACK,” directly underneath. The card gives a nod to his remarkable college achievements, highlighting his back-to-back 2,000-yard rushing seasons in college.

Additionally, the narrative speaks to the Colts GM’s confidence in his abilities, reflected in Taylor’s NFL Draft pick. Lastly, the card’s number, 332, ensures its place in the series, verified by the NFL and Panini logos.

This card encapsulates Taylor’s potential to be a game-changer for the Colts, emphasizing his strength and agility as a runner.

The Colts fell short this past season, but it would also be fair to say that they somewhat exceeded expectations. After all, they had the third-youngest roster in the league, with a rookie QB making the plays. Shane Steichen was also getting his first taste of life as an NFL head coach.

So, the fact that the Colts finally improved on their win total since the 2020 season is a huge positive, and Taylor was crucial to that success. The dynamic running back will undoubtedly be eyeing a strong start to the 2024 season.

9. 2020 Justin Jefferson Prizm Silver Auto Rookie Card #398

Must-Have 2020 Prizm Football Cards for Serious Collectors

Time to highlight Justin Jefferson’s rookie card, which is just as impressive as his debut season.

The front of the card features Jefferson in action, holding the football securely after a catch. He’s decked out in the Minnesota Vikings’ deep purple uniform, which contrasts nicely with the white border of the card. Additionally, the ‘RC’ symbol and ‘PRIZM’ logo at the top signal this as a standout Rookie Card. His name, “JUSTIN JEFFERSON,” is at the bottom, letting everyone know who the star is here.

Jefferson is seen ready to sprint on the back, and his focus is evident. His name and position, “WIDE RECEIVER,” are clearly stated, emphasizing his role. The text praises his production and speed, noting his impressive  40-yard dash time of 4.43 seconds. Specifically, his LSU records show why he was a first-round pick: with 111 receptions and 18 touchdowns, he’s clearly a game-changer.

Jefferson did miss a huge chunk of time in 2023 due to his injuries, which of course didn’t help the Vikings. However, if the All-Pro WR can stay healthy and fit next season, he has all the skills in his locker to set the gridiron on fire.

10. 2020 CeeDee Lamb Panini Prizm Auto RC #334

2020 prizm nfl box best cards

Rounding off this list of top 2020 Prizm football cards is this beautiful CeeDee Lamb Auto.

Firstly, on the card’s front, CeeDee confidently holds the pigskin. Wearing the number 88 Cowboys jersey, the wide receiver seems ready for a big play. The card’s design features a stylish, silver and black border, adding a modern touch to the classic look. The ‘RC’ and ‘PRIZM’ logos are prominently at the top, underscoring his status as a newcomer with potential. His name, “CEEDEE LAMB,” is in bold, white letters at the bottom, highlighting his affiliation with the Cowboys.

Turning to the back, we see a description that notes his exceptional moves contributed to the Cowboys’ passing game. Additionally, his stats from Oklahoma showcase why he was a sought-after 2020 first-round draft pick. The card’s number, 334, and the NFL and Panini logos at the bottom authenticate this card as an official piece of sports memorabilia.

The Cowboys may not have had the result they were hoping for but their offense had more than its fair share of moments. CeeDee Lamb had an incredible season, amassing 1,749 yards and 12 touchdowns on his 135 receptions. The All-Pro WR will now look to carry his red-hot form into 2024 and go one step further with the Cowboys this time.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it: the ten best 2020 Prizm football cards that will give you a lot of bang for your buck. This collection covers a lot of ground, from exciting young talents like Jordan Love to the GOAT, Tom Brady.

  • Hobby Box Average Price: $200 
  • Hanger Box Average Price: $70
  • Blaster Box Average Price: $90 
  • Mega Box Average Price: $300

Investment-wise, I’m feeling pretty bullish about these cards. If you snag a few of these, especially the ones with autographs, you could be looking at some serious cash in a few years. Remember, it’s all about the long game. Rookie cards are like the stock market of the sports world—volatile, unpredictable, but potentially super rewarding.

Stashing a mint-condition Joe Burrow or CeeDee Lamb now could pay for your college books later. Or, you know, a lovely car.

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