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While there are dozens of soccer leagues around the globe, one of the best and most popular is the German Bundesliga. It’s home to some outstanding teams like Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund and many of the world’s greatest players have played in the league.

The 2023-24 Topps Chrome Bundesliga set commemorates the 60th anniversary of the league and has a collection of incredible cards, and a stunning design as well. This guide is going to take a closer look at the set, and go over what you should expect in each box, card values, investment potential, and more.

What’s in Each Box?

Each hobby box of 2023-24 Topps Chrome Bundesliga Soccer contains:

  • 1 autograph
  • 3 Titans
  • 1 Titans Titanium
  • 2 Ultrabeam
  • 5 Refractors
  • 4 Aqua Prism Refractors
  • 2 Pulsar Refractors
  • 1 Anniversary Pack

Set Overview

Here are some details about the types of cards you should expect to find in the set.

Base set

The base set features 100 cards, which feature a mix of young players and rookie, as well as superstars of the league.


The set also contains several different types of autographs, including everything from base autographs, to insert autographs, and even double and triple autos, which feature multiple players on the same card.


While there are cards that feature pieces of official match balls inside them, the star of the show in the memorabilia card category are the Diamond Anniversary Relic cards. These are 1/1 cards that celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Bundesliga, and each has an actual diamond in the card. In total, there are 100 out there to search for.


The set also features a variety of inserts, such as Time Travelers (which showcases legendary players from the past), Ultrabeam (which focuses on rising stars), and several others like Top XI and Titans. The rare case hit inserts include Time Travelers, Let’s Go, and Hobby Masters.

In addition to these standard insets, each hobby box also comes with a pack of retro-inspired 1963 Topps anniversary cards. While many of the cards in these anniversary packs are inserts, there are also some autographs to be found, as well.


Of course, there are also a collection of different parallels for the base set, autographs, memorabilia, and insert cards. Even the cards in the box topper anniversary packs have rare parallels to search for.

Some of these parallels are relatively common, like Purple Refractors (numbered to /299), Pink Refractors (numbered to /75), or Gold Refractors (numbered to /50). On the other hand, some parallels are incredibly elusive, including Black Refractors (numbered to /10), Red Refractors (numbered to /5), and Superfractors, which are 1/1.

In addition to a different rarity, each parallel also has a different color and overall look that sets it apart from the other varieties.

Release Date

The set was initially released on June 19th 2024, so it’s only been out a few weeks as of the writing of this guide.


You can find hobby boxes on eBay and other online retailers for around $75 to around $100 each, or sealed cases of 12 boxes for between $900 and $1,000, or so.

Best Cards to Look for

One type of card that everyone should keep an eye out for are the Diamond Anniversary Relic Cards. In addition to being a rare 1/1, the cards also come with an actual diamond gem inside them, which is sure to increase the value.

You’ll also want to look for rare parallels of different cards, especially low-numbered autos and inserts. Case hits like Hobby Masters and Time Travelers are also rare finds that could be worth quite a bit.

Of course, cards from certain players are always going to be ones you want to watch for, too. This includes current Bundesliga stars like Harry Kane, Florian Wirtz, Jamal Musiala, and many others.

There are also several cards from past stars that don’t currently play in the league anymore, such as Erling Haaland, Jude Bellingham, Xabi Alonzo, and Franz Beckenbauer.

Current Values

Despite the set being so new, there have already been a couple of valuable cards sold on eBay so far, including:

  • $1,208 for a Harry Kane 1963 Topps autograph insert 1/1
  • $499.99 for a Maximilian Beier Black Refractor autograph /10
  • $225 for a Rocco Reitz Red Refractor autograph /5
  • $220 for an Aleksandar Pavlovic Gold Refractor autograph /50
  • $202.49 for a Jamal Musiala XI autograph insert /75
  • $200 for an Eric Martel 1963 Topps autograph insert 1/1


Many cards originally listed at $500+ have also been sold for a “Best Offer”, so we don’t know exactly how much they went for. There’s also a 1/1 Erling Haaland 1963 insert Superfractor  that’s currently on auction at $1,800 with 19 bids, and still has multiple days to go, so it’s sure to increase.

It could end up being among the most expensive cards in the entire set. By the time it sells, it could easily go for well over $2,000, if not even higher.

Also, with the set only releasing about two weeks ago as of the writing of this guide, there are sure to be more and more outstanding cards pulled and put up for sale/auction in the coming weeks and months. Most notably, it’ll be interesting to see what the Diamond Anniversary Relic cards go for, as well as other rare 1/1 parallels.

Future Outlook

We believe the investment potential for this set is strong. It has a healthy setlist full of stars, both young and old. This blend means that both historic and modern soccer fans have cards they’d love to add to their collection.

Of course, the presence of several Erling Haaland cards helps the set immensely, as there are autos, parallels, and more of the Norwegian striker to collect. He’s one of the best and most popular players in the world, and this set gives you a relatively affordable chance to get your hands on his cards. As a result, the boxes themselves should remain sought after for years to come, as everyone tries their hand at getting his cards.

In addition to Haaland, many players in the set are only going to become bigger stars in the coming years (like Xavi Simons, Jamal Musiala, Florian Wirtz, Mathys Tel, and Maximilian Beier), so the potential of packing them should keep this set popular in the future, as well. Of course, there could also be other players in the set that make names for themselves in the future that help keep the set desirable.

Also, the 60th anniversary emblem on many of the cards also helps this set have a sense of uniqueness that other sets simply don’t have. Of course, the chance to pull rare parallels, case hit inserts, or the 1/1 Diamond Anniversary Relic cards doesn’t hurt, either.

Past iterations of this set still have cards that regularly sell for hundreds of dollars as well, which is a sign people are a fan of the Topps Chrome Bundesliga set in general.

Final Thoughts

If you love the Bundesliga, this set is most certainly for you. It has cards from all of the league’s biggest stars, past and present. Even if you’re a huge soccer fan or collector in general, the set allows you to pull some rare and beautiful cards of some of the best players and brightest names in the sport.

There are numerous types of cards to collect, and the set is unique from many others as it celebrates 60 years of Bundesliga soccer. We hope this guide and the information included in it helped you learn more about the set and what you can expect if you rip open a box or join a group break.

2023-24 Topps Chrome Bundesliga Soccer Checklist

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