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2023 Topps Five Star Baseball is an interesting set as each and every card in it is an autograph. It has a collection of great rookies, legends, and current stars to collect and invest in. There are also several types of autographs to look for and the cards themselves are stunning with a sleek look, beautiful gold borders, and eye-catching colors.

This guide is going to go through the types of cards you can expect to find in the set, their values, the future outlook for the set, and much more.

What’s in the Box?

As mentioned briefly in the introduction, every card in the set is an autograph. Each box of 2023 Topps Five Star Baseball contains two autograph cards. Every card in each box is an on-card autograph, unless it’s replaced by a rarer card, such as a Cut Signature Card or a Five Stars Auto Relic book card.

Set Overview

Here’s a closer look at the types of cards you can expect to find in the set.

Base set

The base set of 112 autographs feature a solid mix of rookies like Corbin Carroll and Gunnar Henderson, as well as current stars like Mike Trout, Bobby Witt Jr., Juan Soto, and several others. There are also some legends like Ichiro, David Ortiz, Bo Jackson, Chipper Jones, that you should watch for when opening a box.


In addition to the base set of autographs, there are also several other varieties. This includes Baseball Royalty autos, Cut Signatures, and Golden Graphs. There’s also the Jumbo Prime variety, where the player autograph is joined by some kind of relic, ranging from buttons, to laundry tags, to logo patches.

The set also features many multi-autograph cards with several players signing the very same card. There are dual autos, triple autos, and even a quintuple auto, which features three signatures on the front of the cards and two on the back.

Also, one of the rarest variety of autos in the entire set is the Five Star Auto Relic Book card. This booklet features a jersey swatch and autograph from five different players inside. Some of them simply feature a collection of great players, while others have all players from the same team, which are perfect for collectors.

For example, you can find a booklet that includes autographs from St. Louis Cardinals players Albert Pujols, Ozzie Smith, Nolan Arenado, Mark McGwire, and Paul Goldschmidt.


Nearly each type of auto you can get in the set also has numbered parallel versions that are more rare than the basic version. This ranges from higher-numbered parallels like Aqua (numbered to /75) and Purple (numbered to /50), to lower-numbered versions that are very hard to find, including Green (numbered to /15), Gold (numbered to /10), and Orange (numbered to /5).

You can also be on the lookout for the incredibly rare Red parallels, which are numbered 1/1. In addition to different numbers, each parallel has a unique color scheme and attractive design.

Release Date

This set was officially released on February 21st, 2024, which was around a month before the new MLB season began.


You can find hobby boxes on eBay for around $300 to $400, as well as other online card shops for similar prices, though many are sold out as of writing this guide. The retail price on the Topps official website is currently $219.99, but it’s sold out as well.

Cards to Look for

While nearly every card in the set is a relatively valuable on-card auto compared to base cards of other sets, there are still some specific cards you should be looking for. First of all, rookies are always a hot commodity in sports card collecting/investing, so watch out for cards from the likes of Gunnar Henderson, Corbin Carroll, and Josh Jung.

Of course, not every rookie is great their first year, some take a year or two in the big leagues before they find their footing and start to play well. As a result, there’s definitely a chance that a rookie card that’s not incredibly valuable today could one day be worth a ton.

Legends and current stars such as Shohei Ohtani, Aaron Judge, and Derek Jeter are also popular cards and can often fetch a pretty penny. The setlist features a who’s who of past and present stars, so there’s no shortage of great cards to find.

Of course, different types of autos outside the base set are also worth looking for. In particular, keep an eye out for rare case hits such as multi-auto cards, jumbo patches, booklets, and metallic ink cards, too.

As with any sort of sports card set, rare parallels and low-numbered versions of any card are sure to make it more valuable and coveted. While all low-numbered parallels are rare, no cards are rarer in this set than a 1/1 Baseball Royalty card, as these parallels only appear in 1 of every 3,245 packs.

Current Values

This set is full of sought-after cards, and some of the most expensive sales so far include:


  • $2,495 for a Shohei Ohtani Jumbo Button Auto /5
  • $2,000 for a Shohei Ohtani Jumbo Patch Auto /10
  • $1,800 for a Riley Greene Logo Rookie Jersey Auto 1/1
  • $1,675 for a Shohei Ohtani & Nolan Ryan Dual Auto /10
  • $1,575 for a Corbin Carroll Nike Swoosh Relic Auto 1/1
  • $1,587.52 for a Juan Soto Prime Relics Logo Auto 1/1


Several other cards were listed for well over $2,000, but had a “Best Offer” accepted, so we’re not able to see just how much they sold for. There are also plenty of other cards for sale and up for auction at the time of writing this guide that should go over that threshold, too.

Also, the set is only a few months old, so there are several rare cards that haven’t been pulled or put up for sale yet, and we could see prices even higher in the future.

Investment Potential

The future outlook for this product is strong. It has plenty of hits and many people seem to love the sleek and high-quality design this year. The setlist is also full of superstars that are sure to be relevant and popular amongst collectors/investors for years to come. On-card autos are likely never going out of style, and this set has some of the best in the hobby.

The set also benefits from a wonderful rookie class, highlighted by the likes of Gunnar Henderson and Corbin Caroll. If the players in this class perform up to their expectations (or even go beyond them), their rookie cards are sure to increase in value over time. 

Even sealed boxes could hold their value well as they give investors and collectors a chance to pack some of these young superstars.

Also, previous iterations of this set have held onto their value well, and many cards from these sets have sold in recent months for well over $1,000 or more.

Final Thoughts

If you love autographs, especially of the on-card variety, 2023 Topps Five Star Baseball might be the set for you. It has a huge selection of different autographs that feature many of the past, present, and future stars of the MLB.

Even if you just like baseball cards in general, this set has a beautiful design and several valuable cards you can pull. While there’s only two cards per box, there are much fewer cards in this set than others, which gives you a solid chance to pull something great.

We hope that this guide helped you learn more about the set, its pricing, and the type of cards you can expect to find in a box.

2023 Topps Five Star Baseball Card Checklist

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