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The 2024 Topps Heritage Baseball Card set is slated for release on April 10, and I can’t wait. This set honors the past and the present by paying homage to the bright and minimal card designs of 1975.

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This guide will give you the lowdown on the cardboard beauties you can unlock here. Read on to learn more!

Initial Thoughts

2024 Topps Heritage Baseball blaster box

The upcoming 2024 Topps Heritage Baseball set is like a time machine, taking us back to 1975. It throws us back to an era of vibrant designs and baseball legends like George Brett and Robin Yount.

Suddenly, we’re kids trading cards in the schoolyard, where a Captain and Tennille tune might catch our ear, and a first-class stamp is just a dime! True to its name, this set is all about baseball heritage.

Each 2024 Topps Heritage Baseball Hobby Box is a treasure chest filled with potential gems, mirroring the classic 1975 Topps design. For set builders, this is the jackpot—a whopping 500-card checklist that’s impressive in size and rich in baseball history. 

The card set features MVPs, League Leaders, and more. And here’s a cool twist: the 100 short prints aren’t lurking at the end but jump right at you from the start. Basically, if you just want to build a base set of the 400 main cards, you’ll start from #101 and go up to #500. 

On a small side note, #407 is a short-print, while #82 is not. These two exceptions aside, every other card is a short-print if it’s numbered #1 to #100!

Parallels & Variations

Parallels like the Red Border cards are Target exclusives, while Flip Stock cards are exclusive to hobby packs. The fun thing about the latter is that their reverse sides have a glossy finish, while the front sides are rougher to the touch. As a result, you might not be able to spot them right away!

While we’re on the topic of design choice, let’s take a second to mention the variation themes in the set. The following themes in the set change the base cards in various fascinating ways:

  • Black and White Images
  • Color Swap
  • White Border,
  • Nicknames 
  • Throwback Uniforms


Meanwhile, the Image, Black Border, Error, and Missing Facsimile Signatures are also part of the checklist. However, you’ll only find these variations in hobby boxes.

Chrome Brings The Shine

Also, the Chrome versions of select cards add a contemporary shimmer to the retro vibe. These Chromes feature a spectrum of dazzling parallels, including:

  • Blue Sparkle Refractors (3 cards per monster box)
  • Purple Refractors (exclusive to hobby and blaster boxes)
  • Refractors – /575
  • Silver – /375
  • Black – /75
  • Gold – /5 (exclusive to hobby)
  • Superfractors – 1/1

2024 Topps Heritage Baseball Gallery

2024 topps heritage gallery photos

2024 topps heritage photo gallery

Autographs & Memorabilia

Autographs in the set, though rare, pack a punch with Real One Autographs stealing the spotlight. These cards are a handshake across generations, boasting on-card signatures that blend the past with the present. And if you’re lucky, you might snag a Red Ink Special Edition, limited to just 75!

New to the scene, 1975 Topps Award Winner Buyback Autographs let us walk down memory lane with the stars of the mid-70s. It’s no surprise if they remind you of the OG 1975 Topps Cards, since that’s where they draw their inspiration.

Memorabilia cards haven’t been left out either, with the Clubhouse Collection serving up game-worn relics that bring the game closer to home. Meanwhile, Flashback Autograph Relics cards also use athletes from 1975. 

1975 Baseball Cut Signatures and 1975 Celebrity Cut Signatures are all one-of-ones, so each card will literally be one of a kind!

2024 Topps Heritage Baseball Inserts

Diving into the inserts, we’re treated to Baseball Flashbacks, News Flashbacks, and the Then and Now series. The first two remind us of what happened on and off the diamond in 1975, while the latter compares today’s stars with the icons of yesteryear.

It’s like flipping through a history book, except way cooler because it’s baseball!

We also get another edition of New Age Performers, such as the Bob Bichette one I’ll review in a bit.

Do you need a closer look at some of these cards? No, I mean, literally a closer look? Because the Oversized 1975 Topps Baseball gives you a blow up of select 2024 Topps Heritage baseball cards! 

Finally, let’s round off with a look at the retail-exclusive inserts. The 1975 Topps Baseball Sensations set shines a spotlight on current and retired players. If you’ve ever seen the 1975 Topps Bay City Rollers, you’ll recognize the design right away. The Gold and Platinum Foilboard versions will make their home in Walmart and Target packs.

And don’t forget the quirky Zoo’s Who Stick-Ons, where mascots and nicknames take the stage and charm us with their playful designs.

So, whether you’re a seasoned collector or a high school student dreaming of the big leagues, the 2024 Topps Heritage Baseball set offers a bit of everything. It’s a testament to the timeless allure of baseball and the cards that capture its spirit.

Set for release on April 10 this year, we’re all on deck, waiting for that pitch so we can hit one outta the park!

Quick Overview

Cards per pack:

  • Hobby – 9
  • Blaster – 9
  • Monster Box – 9
  • Hanger Box – 35
  • Fat Packs – 20

Packs per box:

  • Hobby – 24
  • Blaster – 8
  • Monster Box – 15
  • Hanger Box – 1
  • Fat Packs – 108

Boxes per case:

  • Hobby – 12
  • Blaster – 40
  • Monster Box – 20
  • Hanger Box – 64
  • Fat Packs – 1

Set size: 500 cards
Release date: April 10, 2024
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2024 Topps Heritage Baseball Best Cards

Now, let’s look at a few of the cards I’m most hyped about!

Elly De La Cruz

Elly De La Cruz is a human highlight reel from the Dominican Republic. This kid—oh, he’s special—he swings from both sides with the might of a sledgehammer and sprints like a gazelle!

De La Cruz, with a $65k signing bonus that’s a mere footnote in his saga, didn’t just climb the minor league ladder; he soared, setting the fields ablaze with his electric play. Then 2023 rolls around, and BAM! He hits the big leagues, smashes a homer against the Dodgers, and etches his name in the history books by becoming the youngest to hit for the cycle since César Cedeño. De La Cruz is basically skyrocketing without a ceiling in sight!

And, of course, that’s all the more reason to think seriously about his rookie cards, such as this one.

At first glance, De La Cruz stands out in his crisp white Reds uniform, the number 44 prominent. His helmet and batting gloves sport a striking pink, adding a pop of color that catches the eye. Notably, the card sports the ‘RC’ logo for Rookie Card, indicating his fresh status in the major leagues. Also, his position, “Shortstop,” is clearly noted, defining his role on the team.

The card design throws it back to the 1975 era, with a bright yellow and blue border framing De La Cruz against a softly focused stadium backdrop. Moreover, his autograph appears to be scribbled on the card, adding a personal touch. Furthermore, the bold “REDS” lettering at the top ensures no one forgets the team he’s making an impact with!

Nolan Ryan

2024 topps heritage nolan ryan

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s talk about a legend, the one and only Nolan Ryan, also known as “The Ryan Express.” This man was a phenomenon in the baseball world who pitched with venom. With a career spanning an unbelievable 27 years, Ryan’s fastball was a force of nature, often clocking in over 100 mph.

With a jaw-dropping 5,714 strikeouts and seven no-hitters, which, by the way, nobody else has even come close to matching, Ryan was a true record-breaker. He threw with such ferocity and speed that batters would quiver, and catchers would pray for mercy on their hands. Now, does it even matter that he never snagged a Cy Young Award? No, sir, because the numbers, the performances, the sheer spectacle of his presence on the mound, that’s what legends are made of, and Nolan Ryan, he’s the stuff of baseball lore!

This Nolan Ryan card from Topps Heritage is an electric flashback to his days with the Angels. On the left, it features a red-and-white swatch of game-used memorabilia. Then, shifting to the right, we see a classic photo of Ryan mid-pitch, captured in timeless form. Below that, there’s an autograph that just screams authenticity, underscored by the Topps certification. The design has a vintage vibe, complete with stars and the retro Topps logo, making it a must-have for collectors and fans alike.

Bo Bichette

Bo Bichette is tearing it up on the diamond for the Toronto Blue Jays. Ever since his debut in 2019, this dude has been a spectacle, batting like a beast and stealing bases like they’re going out of style. We’re talking a two-time All-Star by the age of 25, leading the American League in hits back-to-back in 2021 and 2022.

This is a chip off the old block, with his father being Dante Bichette, a MLB star in his own right! Bo’s got a swing that’ll make pitchers wish they’d called in sick. Absolute electricity on the field! This kid is the future, and trust me, the Blue Jays will fly high with him at the helm.

Bo’s “New Age Performers” card is a groovy throwback that captures the Blue Jays’ shortstop mid-stride, bringing the retro vibes with a funky, psychedelic font that pops against a sepia-toned stadium. Decked out in his bold blue Jays uniform, the card immortalizes a moment of Bo’s hustle on the field. Right there, in the lower right corner, is the “SS” designation, reminding us all that Bichette’s simply redefining the shortstop role with every game!

Corbin Carroll

Best 2024 Topps Heritage Baseball cards

Let me tell you about Corbin Carroll – this young man is fire! Bursting onto the scene in 2022, he’s been a sensation for the Arizona Diamondbacks, as fans will attest. A true phenom, he was an All-Star in 2023, and get this, he was also crowned the National League Rookie of the Year. That’s right, he’s the first D-back to win it, showing the world that they’re not just playing games in Arizona!

His stats speak for themselves, but it’s his electric energy on the field, that speed, those homers, and his steals – it’s like watching poetry in motion. Or, maybe an F1 racecar is a better analogy, given he clocked a sprint speed of 30.7 ft/sec back in 2022!

Feast your eyes on this Corbin Carroll Topps card, a throwback to classic design with a modern-day twist! Featuring the Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder, it showcases Carroll in his on-field action, giving us major-league vibes with his sharp focus and game-ready stance. Front and center is his autograph, a testament to his rising star status. Not to mention, the “NL All-Star” badge shines proudly and pays tribute to his accolades.

2024 Topps Heritage Baseball Checklist

Download a customizable spreadsheet version of the checklist:

2024 Topps Heritage Baseball Hobby Boxes and Reviews

  • Hobby Box (24 packs) – Best Value
  • Blaster (8 packs) – Best Budget
  • Monster Box (15 packs) – Never Buy
  • Hanger Box (1 pack) – Best for kids

Final Thoughts

So, in my professional opinion, the 2024 Topps Heritage Baseball Card Set is straight fire! It’s like stepping into a time machine with a fresh twist. I mean, we’ve got legends like Nolan Ryan and rookies like Elly De La Cruz bringing the heat. Each card pops with old-school cool and stats that slap. If you’re sleeping on this set, you’re missing out. The retro vibes mixed with today’s stars is an unreal concept and I’m just excited to crack it open come 10 April!

Are you a Kansas City Royals fan? Or, just an admirer of the young phenom, Bobby Witt Jr? If so, check out our Bobby Witt Jr. rookie card guide.

  • 2024 Topps Heritage Baseball Card Rating: 8.1 out of 10
  • Best Card: 2024 Topps Heritage High Number Randy Johnson #HG-50 SSP
  • Ownership Disclosure: None