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The Topps Series 1 Baseball set often signifies the start of the baseball season for card collectors and investors. The 2024 iteration of the set features a large set list, a strong rookie class, new inserts, and numerous hits to watch for.

2024 also marks the 35th anniversary of 1989 Topps Baseball, and this historic set inspired many of the designs in 2024 Topps Series 1 Baseball, from inserts to autographs. As a result, many cards have a retro and nostalgic feel.

This guide is going to take a closer look at the 2024 Topps Series 1 Baseball set, and touch on what to expect in each box, which hits are the best to keep an eye out for, the current card values in the market, and so much more.

What’s in Each Box?

Each hobby box contains:

  • 20 packs
  • 12 cards per pack
  • 1 silver pack 
  • 1 autograph or memorabilia card


There are also jumbo hobby boxes that contain:

  • 10 packs
  • 40 cards per pack
  • 2 silver packs
  • 1 autograph
  • 2 additional autograph or memorabilia cards


In addition to hobby boxes, there are several other options when purchasing Topps Series 1 baseball, such as:

  • Retail boxes – 24 packs, 14 cards per pack
  • Blaster boxes – 7 packs, 12 cards per pack
  • Fat packs – 36 cards
  • Hanger boxes – 59 cards
  • Super boxes – 10 packs, 14 cards per pack
  • Monster boxes – 16 packs, 14 cards per pack

Set Overview

Here’s a closer look at the different card types you can expect to find in the set.

Base set

The base set is made up of 350 cards and features a mix of rookie and veteran players. There are also subsets like Future Stars and team cards, and rare base set variations like Golden Mirror Image and Team Color Border variations.


This set also has plenty of autographs to discover. Everyone from rookies, to all stars, to legends of the sport have signed cards for it. There are several categories of autographs to look for, including Greatest Hits, Baseball Stars Dual Autograph, Cut Signatures, and more.


Fans of memorabilia cards will love this set as it contains a long list of different memorabilia and relic cards to collect and invest in. Examples include jersey cards, patches, game-used bat material, and more.


This set also features a wide variety of sought-after inserts, with fun designs and unique color schemes. These include Grand Gamers, Home Run Challenge, Superstar Blueprint, and many others.


There is a collection of base set, autograph, memorabilia, insert, and silver pack parallels to collect, too. Some of them are relatively common (such as the Blue Holofoil numbered to /999), and some are much more difficult to find (such as Red auto/memorabilia parallels numbered to /25).

There are also a selection of 1/1 parallels, including Platinum and Printing Plates. Some parallels are also specific to a certain kind of box, such as the retail-only Royal Blue parallel.

Silver packs

Silver packs are a bonus pack in each hobby box, and they contain their own set of 100 cards (with parallels), and there are also 78 autographs to collect from these silver packs, as well. This is a nice added value for anyone who buys a sealed hobby box.

Release Date

2024 Topps Series 1 Baseball officially released on February 14th, 2024.


You can find a hobby box on eBay and other online card retailers for around $100 to $150, and jumbo hobby boxes for around $225 to $300 generally.

Cards to Look for

Some of the best cards to watch for are rookie cards, whether you find autographs, memorabilia cards, or low-numbered parallels. This is especially true for rookies with a lot of hype like Elly De La Cruz, Jasson Dominguez, and Evan Carter.

Like rookies, cards from stars like Shohei Ohtani, Bryce Harper, and Fernando Tatis Jr. are going to be sought-after. The same goes for legends like Bo Jackson, Ichiro, and Derek Jeter. You’ll also want to look for rare and low-numbered cards, and getting your hands on a 1/1 is often the ultimate prize for collectors and investors.

A 1/1 in general has plenty of value, and getting a 1/1 from a rookie or superstar is one of the biggest hits in any card set. Of course, autographs and some memorabilia cards are also valuable, especially if they feature game-used items or on-card autographs.

Current Values

There are plenty of valuable cards to pull in this set, and several have sold for a pretty penny recently. Some of the highest values are:


  • $2,999.98 for a Julio Rodriguez 1/1 All Star Game Name Relic
  • $2,499.99 for a Shohei Ohtani Silver Pack Superfractor
  • $1,675 for a Shohei Ohtani Heavy Lumber Relic Auto /25
  • $1,469 for a Julio Rodriguez Silver Pack Superfractor
  • $1,199 for an Elly De La Cruz rookie auto /25


Many other cards were listed for well over $1,000, but had a “Best Offer” accepted, so we don’t know what they ultimately sold for. In addition to completed sales and auctions, there are dozens of rare cards currently listed for upwards of $1,000 that have numerous watchers and plenty of interest from the public.

The set is still only a few months old, so the market could certainly change and develop over time, especially as this season progresses. Also, with the set being so large and there being so many different rare cards to find, we could see some incredibly high sales when more and more of these valuable cards are pulled in the coming weeks and months.

Future Outlook

With such a strong rookie class supporting it, this set should continue to be popular for years to come. This is especially true if players like Elly De La Cruz and Evan Carter live up to (or exceed) their hype and turn into some of the best players in the league.

In addition to their individual rookie cards going up in value as these players continue to mature, the possibility of packing these young players in general should keep sealed boxes healthy in terms of price, as well.

Cards from past years of this set have sold for quite a bit even in the last few months, and we don’t see why this 2024 set would be any different in the future, as Topps Series 1 Baseball is always relatively popular.

Also, there are many fans of the 1989-inspired style and design of the cards, which could help the investment potential of this years’ set in the future.

Final Thoughts

2024 Topps Series 1 Baseball is sure to be one of the most popular sets of the year. Whether you’re on the search for rookies, current stars, legends, parallels, autographs, or some throwback card designs, this set has you covered. It truly has something for everyone, and there is a laundry list of good-looking, rare, and valuable cards to find and collect.

We hope the information in this guide has been able to help you learn more about the set and what you can expect if you open a box or invest in it.


2024 Topps Series 1 Baseball Card Checklist

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