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Bobby Witt Jr. may be the next Mike Trout. With the 2024 MLB season about to kick off shortly, it’s time to start thinking about our cardboard investments. I expect Bobby Witt Jr.’s rookie cards to continue to rise in value this year. Given his performance in 2023 and how strong the Royals roster looks after the offseason, it’s worth keeping him in mind.

A rare five-tool generational talent, Witt Jr. announced his arrival in the MLB as the No.1 prospect in 2022. The baseball gods themselves must have scripted his debut. His first Major League hit guided the Royals to a 3-1 win over the Guardians on Opening Day.

  • Organization: Kansas City Royals
  • Acquired: Drafted by the Royals in the 1st round (2nd overall) of the 2019 MLB Draft
  • Top rookie card: 2020 Bobby Witt Jr. Bowman Draft Chrome 1st #BCP25 (Shop eBay)
  • Related Players: Nick Pratto, Vinnie Pasquantino

Since then, Witt Jr. has not looked back. His 20th home run against the Tigers made him the fifth player to join the 20-20 club in their debut season. 

In 2023, the shortstop leveled up, leading the major leagues with 11 triples. He also made history by becoming the first MLB player to record 30 home runs, 10 triples, and 45 stolen bases in one season!

Bobby Witt Jr. Rookie Season Stats (Highlights)

  • 30 home runs
  • .276 average
  • 49 stolen bases
  • 96 RBIs

Standing at 6’1” and weighing 200 lbs, the Colleyville native is an incredible athlete. His arm strength and ability to cover a large area at shortstop make him invaluable for the Royals. Witt Jr.’s contributions will be key as the franchise looks to make a deep run in the playoffs this time.

Top Bobby Witt Jr. Rookie Cards

Now, look at the ten Witt Jr rookie cards that will give you the most bang for your buck! Email if you have any questions regarding this write-up.

1. 2020 Bobby Witt Jr. Bowman Chrome Rookie Card #BCP25

2020 Bobby Witt Jr. Bowman Chrome Rookie Card BCP25

Bobby Witt Jr.’s Bowman Chrome card is a spectacular find for any baseball enthusiast. Firstly, depicted in his Kansas City Royals uniform, Witt is captured in a dynamic fielding position, glove at the ready. His concentrated gaze and athletic posture highlight his defensive prowess on the field. In the shot, he is following through after an undoubtedly laser-sharp throw!

Moreover, the “1st Bowman” chrome stamp adorns the top right, denoting this as Witt’s initial appearance in the Chrome series. The sleek, silver borders frame the card neatly, adding a modern touch to the classic on-field action shot.

Lastly, on the back of the card, you’ll find a detailed overview of Witt’s skills alongside his minor league record. This gives us statistical backing to his potential and is a promising indicator for fans of his burgeoning career. 

It might not surprise you that the five-tool talent has been crazy about baseball his whole life. But did you know that Witt Jr. even held baseball-themed birthday parties growing up? Yeah, he’s just like one of us!


2. 2022 Bobby Witt Jr. Topps Update #US100 

best Bobby Witt Jr rookie cards 2022 Topps Update #US100

Bobby Witt Jr. is featured in a dynamic batting pose on the front of the card. His poise perfectly encapsulates the energy and focus that have made him one of baseball’s most exciting prospects. Clad in the Kansas City Royals’ sky-blue uniform, he’s captured following through after one of his trademark swings.

Furthermore, the classic “RC” logo sits proudly in the upper right, signaling his rookie status. Meanwhile, the “1st Bowman” badge below cements the card’s significance as a first-issue collectible. The card’s chrome finish adds a reflective quality that elevates the overall design, ensuring this keepsake shines among others.

Turning to the back of the card, a detailed summary of Witt’s accolades and stats is present. It chronicles his Major League debut and minor league batting record and notes his accolade as the Baseball America Minor League Player of the Year

Lastly, the Topps social media icons and the MLB trademark information are subtly included. This addition provides authenticity and a modern touch to this snapshot of an emerging baseball star.

Witt is a phenomenal athlete and incredibly confident. Look at how he socked a homer at 21 when he was the third-youngest player in the AL!


3. 2022 Topps Project 100 Bobby Witt Jr. By Lamour Supreme RC #39

Bobby Witt Jr. By Lamour Supreme Rookie

The Bobby Witt Jr. card from Topps Project70 explodes with color and action, capturing the excitement of the five-tool rookie. On the front, Witt is featured in four dynamic poses, each illustrating his multifaceted skills on the diamond. The card’s design, bursting with bright colors, reflects a comic book style that adds an element of fun and intensity.

Furthermore, the background radiates energy, emphasizing Witt’s powerful swing and agile fielding. The prominently displayed “RC” logo marks his status as a rookie. Meanwhile, the “5-TOOL ROOKIE” tag at the bottom highlights his versatile talents.

Lastly, the back of the card details the project’s specifics, noting the limited edition nature of the card. The artwork credited to L’amour Supreme and the Kansas City Royals emblem adds a personal and team-centric touch.

Fun fact: Bobby Witt Jr. went one spot earlier in the MLB draft than his old man did back in 1985. Jr. was picked at #2, while his father was picked at #3 almost four decades ago!


4. 2020 Bobby Witt Jr. Bowman Chrome Prospect Autographs #CPA-BWJ

Bobby Witt Jr. Bowman Chrome Prospect Auto rookie card

The first autograph in our Bobby Witt Jr rookie cards list will surely fetch serious value for you.

Bobby Witt Jr.’s card presents a snapshot of his impressive agility as a shortstop for the Kansas City Royals. On the front, he’s caught while fielding, his gaze following the ball into his glove, a testament to his focus and skill. Inked boldly in blue, his autograph cuts across the card, adding a personal touch that fans treasure.

Turning to the back, we glimpse Witt’s early promise. Notably, his minor league batting record is present, alongside an informative ‘Bowman Briefing’ that gives insight into his debut and status as a top prospect. Additionally, the back highlights his five-tool talent and potential as a base thief, hinting at the well-rounded athleticism that makes Witt a standout player.

Lastly, the card’s overall design is sleek, with chrome elements that give it a modern edge.


5. 2020 Bobby Witt Jr. Bowman Chrome RC #BCP160

Bobby Witt Jr. Bowman Chrome Best rookie card

Like this Bowman Chrome beauty, Bobby Witt Jr. rookie cards are a home run for collectors. On the front, Witt Jr. is in mid-game action, showcasing his intense concentration and athletic stance. Dressed in the Royals’ away uniform, he embodies the poised energy of a player ready to make his mark.

Moreover, the card features an eye-catching aqua-blue wave pattern, giving it a vibrant backdrop that beautifully contrasts with the player’s image. The iconic “1st Bowman” chrome stamp also signifies this card as a first issue, marking a pivotal moment in Witt Jr.’s burgeoning career.

Lastly, the back of the card provides a rich “Bowman Briefing,” offering an insight into Witt Jr.’s achievements. These milestones and stats include his ranking as a top prospect and his impressive base-stealing prowess.

Speaking of achievements, have you ever had a “trick shot” moment? You know how satisfying it is to see it land, right? Well, Witt Jr had just such a moment back in March 2020 when he hit a baseball off a tee straight into a basketball hoop. I mean, that’s some three-sport genius right there!


6. 2022 Bobby Witt Jr. Topps Update Gold /2022 #US100

2022 Topps Update Gold #US100

In this card, Witt is in the spotlight against a radiant, holographic background that gives a prismatic effect to the image. His form, captured mid-swing in his Royals uniform, is full of concentration and power, encapsulating the energy he brings to every game.

Moreover, the card features the classic Topps logo at the top and the “RC” emblem, signifying his rookie status. The Kansas City Royals logo also anchors the bottom, emphasizing his vital role on the team.

Lastly, the back of the card offers a rich narrative, including his major league debut and recognition as a five-tool talent by prestigious baseball institutions. It’s a detailed backdrop to his minor league stats, confirming the high expectations set for his career.

So, if you want your Bobby Witt Jr rookie cards to have some shimmer, this is the card to go for!

You know you have reached incredible athleticism when other sports stars want to emulate you. Just look at how Patrick Mahomes, another Kansas favorite, playfully challenged Witt Jr’s insane 141mph bat speed.


7. 2022 Bobby Witt Jr. Topps Heritage High Numbers Black Chrome Refractor #520

Best Bobby Witt Jr. Topps card

In this Heritage rookie card, Bobby Witt Jr. stands confidently in his Kansas City Royals uniform, embodying the fresh talent he brings to the team. His poised, serene expression under the cap contrasts with the stark blue backdrop, capturing a moment of calm before the on-field storm.

As we transition to the heart of the card, the iconic “RC” logo signifies his rookie status, marking this card as a significant piece in the collection of Bobby Witt Jr rookie cards. The Heritage branding pays homage to the classic design of baseball cards, offering a nostalgic touch with a modern twist.

Lastly, flipping to the back, the card details Witt Jr.’s impressive minor league batting record. It also provides a snippet of baseball trivia, noting that Bobby was one spot higher in the MLB draft than his father.

As an exciting shortstop, Witt Jr. is no stranger to shattering records and expectations. He is, in fact, part of an exclusive club of players who have hit at least 25 homers in the High Minors before turning 22!


8. 2022 Bowman’s Best Bobby Witt Jr RC Rookie Refractor #13

Bowman's Best Bobby Witt Jr

In this striking card from Bowman’s Best, Bobby Witt Jr. stands ready at the plate, exuding focus and determination. The Royals’ powder blue uniform contrasts vividly against the card’s dynamic, circuit-like background, suggesting the electric potential of this young star.

The front of the card is a testament to the anticipation surrounding Bobby Witt Jr rookie cards, capturing not just a player, but a burgeoning Kansas City legacy in the making. The “RC” logo in the bottom right corner marks this card as a collector’s item from Witt’s inaugural major league season.

On the reverse, details of Witt’s impressive achievements provide context to the visual allure. His ‘Best 2022 Game’ is the highlight here, noting a performance that places him among the Royals’ most promising talents.

The card’s back blends past accomplishments and future promise, much like Witt Jr. himself. The five-tool talent is a blend of inherited talent and personal drive who’ll continue making his mark in the majors.

We won’t tire of bringing up Witt Jr records in this article, so here is another one. At the young age of 22 years and one week, the shortstop is the second-youngest Royal ever to go deep more than once in the game!


9. 2022 Topps Chrome Bobby Witt Jr. SP Rookie Variation RC #221

2022 Topps Chrome Bobby Witt Jr. SP Rookie Variation RC #221

Bobby Witt Jr.’s rookie card showcases him in action for the Kansas City Royals. Set against a soft-focus background that seems to glow with a pink hue, Witt appears focused and ready to swing. The action shot illustrates the power and precision he brings to the game.

Stunning cards like these are why Bobby Witt Jr rookie cards are so sought after. They capture the essence of a young player’s career at the outset, filled with potential and promise.

Turning the card over, the backside is packed with praise and statistics that paint a picture of a rising star. His minor league batting record underlines his skill, and quotes about his attitude reveal the character of a player who deeply respects the game.

Speaking of respect for the game, here is what former manager Brian Poldberg had to say about Witt’s attitude to baseball.

“Most of the young guys we get now think the game owes them,” Poldberg said. “He plays it like he owes the game.”


10. 2022 Topps Chrome Cosmic BOBBY WITT JR RC Rookie #162

BOBBY WITT JR rookie topps cosmic insert

Rounding off our list of Bobby Witt Jr rookie cards is yet another one with some razzle-dazzle.

The front of the card features a dynamic image of Witt Jr. following through after taking a swing. You can see that he’s wearing the blue ‘Royals’ jersey with a matching helmet, and the Royals logo is clearly visible on the helmet. 

Moreover, the card has an overall futuristic and vibrant background with sharp geometric shapes in various shades of purple, blue, and pink, converging towards the player’s image. This gives the impression that all the energy of the design is emanating from the player. Additionally, in the top right corner, there is the ‘RC’ logo indicating that this is a Rookie Card.

Furthermore, the player’s name, ‘B. Witt Jr.’, is prominently displayed at the bottom in white text on a black background. The Topps Chrome logo is present at the top left corner, signifying the brand and quality of the card.

When you flip to the back of the card, you will find another action shot of the young Royal. To the right of the image is a table highlighting his Minor League batting record. It also notes his impressive stature – 6’1 and 200lbs – which has made him a prime athlete in the game.



Email if you want an estimated value for your Bobby Witt Jr. baseball card. Please include front, back, and corner photos if the card is not graded.

What is the most expensive Bobby Witt Jr. Rookie Card?

The most valuable Bobby Witt Jr. baseball rookie cards are his 2020 Bowman Chrome 1sr Refractor Autograph Rookie Cards.

For example, his Orange Refractor BGS 9.5/10 sold for $8,433 on 2/17/2024—and a Blue Refractor PSA 10 version of the card sold for $3,800 on 1/16/2024.  Each card can be seen below.

most valuable bobby witt jr rookie cards: 2020 BOWMAN CHROME 1ST RC BOBBY WITT JR REFRACTOR AUTO

What is the most valuable Bobby Witt Jr. Topps Baseball Card?

His 2022 Topps Chrome Gold Wave Refractor #RABW is the most expensive Bobby Witt Jr. Topps rookie card. The card is shown below.

2022 Topps Chrome Bobby Witt Jr. Gold Wave Refractor Rookie

The above card sold for a mind-blowing $1,704 via eBay auctions on 2/17/2024. The auction had 28 bids, and the card grade was a PSA 10.

If you want assistance purchasing a Bobby Witt Jr. baseball card, please visit the Cardboard Vice Consulting page to learn more.



If there is anything we’ve learned while exploring these hot Bobby Witt Jr. rookie cards, they are smart investments. Why? Just look at his quick ascent in the minor leagues and explosive start to life in the major league. 

Sure, the Royals could have had a better season, but that can’t take away from Witt Jr.’s raw talent and work ethic. Plus, the franchise is looking to make it big in the upcoming MLB season, given that they were among the top-five spenders in free agency.

With studs like Michael Wacha, Seth Lugo, Hunter Renfroe, Will Smith, Chris Stratton, Adam Frazier, and Garrett Hampson ready to don the Royals’ blue colors, there is an argument that they might be the most improved side in the AL.

Witt Jr. is bound to shine on a team that could be a strong playoff contender. Therefore, keep an eye on Witt Jr. ’s rookie cards because they could easily take off!

Are you interested in learning about more exciting rookies who can own the diamond this time? Check out our Evan Carter rookie card guide!

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