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Due to his hype and early NHL success, Connor Bedard rookie cards are some of the hottest in the sport. The Chicago Blackhawks selected him as the first overall pick in the 2023 NHL Entry Draft after one of history’s most impressive Junior hockey careers. 

While he had high expectations coming into the NHL after being seen as one of the great hockey prospects of all time, he’s lived up to them. Bedard has been impressed thus far in his NHL career, scoring nearly a point per game during his rookie season.


  • Age: 18
  • Position: Center
  • Height: 5’10
  • Weight: 185 lbs

Teams played for: West Vancouver Academy (2018-20), HV71 (2020-21), Regina Pats (2020-23), Chicago Blackhawks (2023-Present)

Play style: Connor Bedard is a well-rounded player with an incredible hockey IQ, an accurate shot, and superb playmaking ability. He also has great hands and is deceptively fast on the ice.

Who is Connor Bedard?

Connor Bedard was born on July 17th 2005. Man, that makes me feel old. From a young age, he was a talented player and caught the eye of many people in his area before even becoming a teenager. I mean, look at some of the things he was able to do as a 10-year-old.

As a result of his skills, he quickly rose the ranks in the sport, even being called the “Future of Hockey” in a Hockey News article, when he was only 13 years old. In 2020, he got exceptional player status and was allowed to enter the WHL a year early. Before Bedard, no other player in the WHL had been given this honor.

He was taken 1st overall by the Regina Pats in the 2020 WHL Bantam Draft, and won the Rookie of the Year. His hot streak of play continued throughout his Junior hockey career where he scored 271 points (134 goals and 137 assists) in only 134 games played.

He earned the CHL top scoring honors in 2023 and was named the 2023 CHL Player of the Year.

This success, along with his potential, led him to being the near-consensus #1 overall selection of the Chicago Blackhawks in the 2023 NHL Entry Draft. While already a solid player and All-Star, the sky’s the limit for Connor Bedard.

When is the best time to buy Connor Bedard rookie cards?

In order to get the best bang for your buck I suggest buying Bedard hockey cards during the NHL off-season. In particular, I would recommend the month of July. You should be able to find Connor Bedard cards are their lowest levels of the year in late June or July.

Interesting Facts

  • Bedard tied the NHL record for points in a game by an 18-year old when he scored 1 goal and got 4 assists in a game against the Anaheim Ducks on March 12th 2024.
  • He’s a superstitious player, and doesn’t let anyone or anything touch his stick before a game.
  • Connor Bedard is the youngest player in NHL history to be named an All-Star.
  • He’s the youngest player in WHL history to score over 50 goals in a season, which he did when he was only 16 years old.
  • No Canadian player in IIHF World Junior Championship history has more points than Connor Bedard, as he scored 36 points in only 16 games.

Who is Connor Bedard Often Compared to?

The hype that Connor Bedard entered the league with can only be matched by the likes of players such as Sidney Crosby, Connor McDavid, and potentially Eric Lindros. However, his playstyle itself is more of a blend of Mitch Marner, Auston Matthews, and prime Patrick Kane.

Like all of these players during their primes (and even still today) Connor Bedard cards are incredibly popular among both collectors and investors. In particular, here are 7 that we believe are his top rookie cards.

His Top Rookie Cards

#1. 2023 Connor Bedard Upper Deck Series 1 NHL Draft #SP-1

2023 Connor Bedard Upper Deck Series 1 NHL Draft

Connor Bedard’s Upper Deck Series 1 card is a fan favorite, and it’s easy to see why. It features a smiling Bedard pointing his index finger to the sky and wearing his new Chicago Blackhawks jersey after being drafted 1st overall.

The card features a clean, dark background, with his name and position at the bottom, as well as the logo for the 2023 NHL Entry Draft in the bottom left.

The back of the card lists his physical stats, and has a short bio. The bio hints at his consistency as a Junior hockey player, as it states that there were only five games in his final season with the Regina Pats that he didn’t record at least a point.

A PSA 10 version of the card can sell for thousands of dollars, with one auction on eBay reaching almost $10,000. PSA 9s often sell for over $700 and even an ungraded one goes for multiple hundred dollars, so it’s a valuable one to have in your collection.

#2. 2022 Connor Bedard UD Team Canada Juniors Finite Prospect Card #2

2022 Connor Bedard Upper deck Team Canada

This card shows Connor Bedard in the Team Canada black and red jerseys as he’s intently looking up the ice, visualizing the play he’s about to make. He’s also wearing a face shield, as that’s required for players under 18 according to the IIHF rulebook.

It has a beautiful fading maple leaf design at the top and bottom of the card, with the Finite branding and the 1/1 mark on the left side of the card.

The back features the Team Canada logo, his number, as well as his impressive stats at the U-18 World Championships, which include 21 points in only 11 games played over two years.

This is a special version of the base card as it’s a Finite 1/1. Since there’s only a single one, it’s hard to describe the true value going forward accurately, however it did recently sell for over $3,000 in an eBay auction.

#3. 2021 Connor Bedard Upper Deck CHL First Draft RC #FD1

2021 Connor Bedard Upper Deck CHL FD1

The design of this card features an eye-catching and shiny multi-colored background, with Bedard wearing his white Regina Pats jersey. It looks like he’s moving the puck either to find an open teammate or take a shot on net.

The front of the card has the words First Draft behind his head, as the card commemorates Bedard getting drafted into the WHL. It also features the logos for the CHL, Regina Pats, Upper Deck, and the WHL Draft.

If you flip the card over, you can get a look at Bedard’s physical profile, as well as a bio that goes over his rookie stats in the WHL, which were 12 goals and 16 assists in only 15 games.

A PSA 10 for this card normally sells between $300 and $400, whereas a PSA 9 is generally between $75 to $150.

4. 2021 Connor Bedard SP Game Used Orange Refractor RC #NSCB

connor bedard game used hockey card

This card shows Bedard in the classic Regina Pats white jersey as he skates across the ice, ready to receive the puck at any second. It has a beautiful metallic foil design with a tint of orange. 

The front of the card also has his name and team on the bottom, along with the words New Style at the top, just next to the card number out of 99. 

The back of the card showcases his WHL rookie season stats, as well as a short bio that mentions he’s the youngest player ever to score 50 goals in a WHL season.

A PSA 10 has sold for over $1,000, with many others fetching multiple hundreds of dollars and PSA 9s tend to go for just under $100.

#5. 2023 Connor Bedard Upper Deck UD Game Dated Moments RC #1

game used moment connor bedard rookie

Canadians will look fondly on this card as it highlights one of Connor Bedard’s biggest moments wearing the maple leaf on his chest. The card features Bedard looking elated after scoring a goal against Slovakia that set the Canadian records for the most points in a single World Junior Championship tournament, most career WJC goals, and most career WJC points.

A nice touch on the card is that fans in the background are jumping for joy in celebration of this major achievement. The front of the card also shows the date it happened (January 2nd, 2023) and explains the significance of the photo chosen for the card.

The back of the card explains how important the goal was and even details the location, Halifax, Nova Scotia. This card in a PSA 10 generally goes for between $50 and $100.

6.  2023 Connor Bedard Prospects Edge F/X RC #98

Connor Bedard Prospects Edge F/X hockey card

Instead of wearing his usual Blackhawks, Pats, or Team Canada shirt, this card captures him in a red CHL jersey as he looks intently ahead while skating down the ice.

The front of the card features a very clean design, with a white background and black specks, along with a simple border along the bottom and left side of the card. It has his name down the side, as well as his team and the words rookie F/X on the bottom.

Flip the card and you’ll see some of his stats, as well as a few fun facts. One that’s especially interesting is that Bedard signed his NHL contract with the Blackhawks on his 18th birthday.

This card is only $15 to $25 right now, but there haven’t been any PSA 9s or 10s sold yet, so it’s certainly possible for the card’s value to go far beyond that.

7. 2024 Connor Bedard Upper Deck SP Hot Commodities #HC1 

Upper Deck SP Hot Commodities connor bedard

This special card was only given out at an Upper Deck Certified Diamond Dealer convention in Los Angeles in early 2024 as a part of a set featuring 5 other cards. The card features Bedard standing and looking proudly ahead, wearing his red Chicago Blackhawks jersey.

It’s a unique die-cut card with a bright and colorful orange background. The card has his name at the top and both the Upper Deck and Chicago Blackhawks logos in the bottom corners, with the words Hot Commodities in between them.

The back of the card showcases the same orange color and reviews Bedard’s stats with the Regina Pats. It includes the fact that he led the WHL in goals and points during his last season while tying for the league lead in assists.

Ungraded card versions have sold for between $250 and $350, with a PSA 9 or 10 likely much more, though none have been sold yet.


connor bedard rookie card values

What is the most expensive Connor Bedard RC?

Looking to invest in the most expensive Bedard hockey card?

Good luck, as the most valuable Bedard RC recently sold on eBay for $17,876. The card is the 2023-24 Connor Bedard Upper Deck Young Guns Red Outburst Rookie Card /25. Only 25 of these cards are available. At a PSA 10 grade, this card would easily cost $30,000.


Future Outlook

Expect Connor Bedard cards to continue to be popular for the foreseeable future. He’s an incredible talent who should only get better as he matures as a player. It’s not impossible for him to end up being one of the greatest of all time.

While his team is poor right now, the Blackhawks have several early picks in upcoming drafts and a stockpile of talented young players, including Lukas Reichel, Oliver Moore, and Frank Nazar. As a result, the team could be Stanley Cup contenders as Bedard enters his prime.

If his NHL career goes as many people think, he could have some incredible (and valuable) cards released over the next many years. Also, his rookie cards could take off to even larger heights as his career continues.

  • Ownership disclosure: 2023 Connor Bedard Upper Deck Series 1 NHL Draft (x3 PSA 10 grades)
  • Long-Term Rating: 9.5 out of 10
  • Other Players To Consider: Connor McDavid, Jack Hughes, Sid The Kid, and Auston Matthews

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