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Get ready to step up to the plate with everything you need about the Evan Carter rookie cards.

Evan Carter announced his arrival to the world last season with his record-breaking nine doubles in the postseason. Thanks to his instant impact (just 23 regular season games), the Texas Rangers secured their first-ever World Series title. 

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Trends & Values

Since his rookie season debut in 2020, Evan Carter has been a noteworthy figure in baseball, with a solid following among card collectors, showcasing the best Evan Carter rookie cards as a significant highlight. With 265 rookie cards and an impressive 1081 variations available across various sets such as 2024 Topps, 2024 Topps Big League, and others, the Evan Carter rookie card segment presents a diverse range for collectors [1]. This variety, combined with approximately 363 cards traded in the last 30 days on eBay for an average price of $58.86, reflects both the popularity and the evolving market trends for Evan Carter autograph rookie cards and the top-ranked Evan Carter rookie cards in 2024 [2].

The fluctuating values of Evan Carter baseball cards, experiencing a decrease of about -3.5% in the last 30 days and a more significant downshift of -76.13% over the past year, highlight the dynamic nature of card value assessment and the critical importance of selecting the most valuable Evan Carter rookie cards [2]. This article aims to navigate through the sprawling world of Evan Carter rookie card values, offering insights into the best Evan Carter rookie cards to enhance collections with valuable picks. As the market for Evan Carter cards continues to evolve, understanding these shifts becomes crucial for collectors aiming to secure the best investments for their portfolios.

So, his cards are among the hottest MLB rookies to target. This guide discusses ten of the best Evan Carter rookie cards to watch!

1. 2020 Evan Carter Bowman Chrome 1st Draft Rookie Card #BD-126

Evan Carter Bowman Chrome 1st Rookie Card

Card Details

  • Type: 2020 Bowman Draft – Chrome, ungraded – Near mint or better
  • Condition: Near Mint to Mint, includes a protective top loader
  • Player: Evan Carter, Texas Rangers
  • Card Number: #BD-126

Collector’s Information

  • Availability: Limited stock, only one left
  • Pricing: Listed at $9.95 plus $3.95 shipping by Homeruncards; alternatively available for $11.74 plus $4.99 standard shipping from COMC_consignment
  • Seller Reputation: COMC_consignment holds a 99.6% positive feedback with over 6.0M items sold

Market Value

  • Ungraded Price: $28.99
  • Graded Price (PSA 9 MINT): $119.99

Additional Notes

  • Authenticity: The card is an original, not a reprint
  • Release Date: First available on April 19, 2023
  • Status: Though not an official rookie card, it is often treated as such by collectors
  • Last Updated: Information last updated on Mar 11, 2024, 20:47:16 PDT

Evan Carter’s Bowman Chrome card captures him mid-stride in his Texas Rangers uniform, looking forward, presumably after hitting the ball. Dressed in the team’s red jersey, he exudes readiness and focus. 

The card’s silver chrome border, adorned with the “1st Bowman” tag at the top, signifies his rookie status. Furthermore, the Rangers logo is placed neatly in the bottom right corner. 

Additionally, the back of the card briefly overviews Carter’s skills and high school accolades, emphasizing his athletic versatility. It notes his impressive 6’4 stature and how it helps him on the diamond, especially with his long arms that help create leverage. 

It also describes his impressive accomplishments, including his three-time All-Conference pick at Elizabethton High School and all-state plaudits!

By the way, just like many other talented baseball players, Carter enjoyed a high school stint with the pigskin. In fact, he played as a wide receiver and safety!

2. 2023 Evan Carter Topps NOW MLB Debut Rookie Card #839

Evan Carter Topps Debut Rookie Card

Evan Carter’s Topps Now card features him amid a powerful swing. He is wearing the Texas Rangers’ striking white uniform, marked with the number 32. His focused gaze follows the ball, suggesting a successful hit. 

The card’s blue backdrop and the bold “CALL-UP” at the bottom highlight a major moment. 

Furthermore, the back of the card recounts his impressive Major League debut, mentioning his first hit and a stolen base, confirming his status as a top prospect. The description on the back spotlights Carter as a “top-ranked Texas Rangers prospect” hailing from Elizabethton. On the top-right, you can see the date “9.8.23,” which marks the debut.

This card captures a pivotal moment and hints at the beginning of Carter’s promising MLB career.

Carter’s debut was memorable for his hit and stolen base and for collecting his first walk in his final plate appearance!

3. 2020 Evan Carter Bowman Draft Sapphire Edition Chrome 1st #BD-126 

Evan Carter Bowman Draft Sapphire rookie card

Card Details

  • Type: 2020 Bowman Draft – Chrome, ungraded – Near mint or better
  • Condition: Near Mint to Mint, includes a protective top loader
  • Player: Evan Carter, Texas Rangers
  • Card Number: #BD-126

Collector’s Information

  • Availability: Limited stock, only one left
  • Pricing: Listed at $9.95 plus $3.95 shipping by Homeruncards; alternatively available for $11.74 plus $4.99 standard shipping from COMC_consignment
  • Seller Reputation: COMC_consignment has 99.6% positive feedback and has sold over 6.0M items

Market Value

  • Ungraded Price: $28.99
  • Graded Price (PSA 9 MINT): $119.99

Additional Notes

  • Authenticity: The card is an original, not a reprint
  • Release Date: First available on April 19, 2023
  • Status: Though not an official rookie card, collectors often treat it as such
  • Last Updated: Information last updated on Mar 11, 2024, 20:47:16 PDT

Yet another entry in our collection of top Evan Carter rookie cards is the 2020 Bowman Draft Sapphire Edition. The outfielder is clad in a vibrant Texas red jersey, emblazoned across the chest with the notable “TEXAS” text. 

Firstly, he is captured mid-stride, adding a dynamic quality to the card. Secondly, his left-hand reaches out, perhaps to signal a teammate or to steady himself as he runs. The Texas Rangers’ logo prominently anchors the design at the bottom, accompanied by the “1st Bowman Chrome” text, signifying his first appearance on a Bowman Chrome card.

The card’s borders boast a holographic blue sapphire color, capturing light and adding a premium feel. The background features a kaleidoscopic array of blue geometric shapes, which adds depth and a modern aesthetic.

Flipping to the back, it’s clear that Carter’s impressive stats and potential are highlighted, with the Texas Rangers logo and the MLB insignia lending authenticity. A detailed ‘Bowman Briefing’ also provides a snapshot of his career, including being the 50th overall draft pick.

Moreover, his high school batting record, while not available, suggests a player whose statistics are eagerly anticipated. Lastly, the back of the card, set against a clean white backdrop, contrasts sharply with the front’s vivid colors.

Most of us do nothing particularly remarkable after the age of 18. Carter, however, was two months shy of his 18th birthday when he received his $1.25 million signing bonus! God, does that make me jealou

4. 2020 Evan Carter Bowman Draft Chrome DP Auto (1st) #CDA-EC

Evan Carter auto bowman rookie

The first autograph in our list of the best Evan Carter rookie cards features the Rangers star during a burst of movement. 

Firstly, the front showcases him in the same Texas Rangers red jersey and white pants as before. This time, however, the card’s foreground is graced with his blue ink signature, adding a personal touch.

Moreover, the “1st Bowman Chrome” inscription remains prominent, suggesting his first appearance on a Chrome card. The design features sleek silver borders, consequently framing the image elegantly. The Texas Rangers logo, placed at the bottom right, confirms the card’s authenticity.

This Evan Carter rookie card’s back contains detailed information. The white background focuses on the text, while the Texas Rangers logo repeats its presence, creating a cohesive look. 

This card serves as a certified autograph issue, enhancing its collectible value.

5. 2024 Evan Carter Topps Baseball Golden Mirror Image Variation #280

Evan Carter Topps Baseball Golden Mirror Image Variation

This collectible piece, part of the Evan Carter rookie cards series, offers a promising glimpse into the athlete’s early career.

Evan Carter makes a splash, quite literally, on his Topps rookie card. First and foremost, the card captures a joyful moment: Carter, drenched in a celebratory water shower, his expression a mix of surprise and delight. Furthermore, he’s adorned in the Texas Rangers cap, with water droplets frozen in mid-air around him.

Additionally, the “RANGERS” text stretches across the top in bold red, complementing the blue hues of the image. The card’s design includes a silver frame with rounded corners, which adds to its classic feel. Moreover, the official “RC” (Rookie Card) logo sits snugly in the top-right corner, signifying Carter’s rookie status.

Transitioning to the card’s back, we observe a gold-tone backdrop hosting Evan Carter’s major and minor league batting record. Importantly, his performance metrics, such as home runs, batting averages, and OPS, are present in meticulous detail.

One of my favorite things about Carter’s rise to fame is how quickly it all happened. Despite being in the Majors for less than a month, he played a key role in guiding the Rangers to World Series glory!

6. 2023 Evan Carter MLB Topps Now Call-Up #846

evan carter topps call up baseball card

Card Details

  • Type: 2023 Topps Now – Purple Parallel, numbered 5/25
  • Condition: Near Mint or better
  • Player: Evan Carter, Texas Rangers
  • Card Number: #846

Collector’s Information

  • Availability: Limited availability with only 2 units left in stock
  • Pricing: It is listed at $139.99 or the best offer on eBay, and is also available for $21.95 from MS Sports & Games
  • Seller Reputation: Baseball Cards Guru has a 100% positive feedback rating from 83K items sold

Market Value and Shipping

  • Original Listing Price: $139.99 on eBay
  • Discounted Price: $21.95 by MS Sports & Games
  • Shipping Costs: Free for orders over $35 when shipped by Amazon; otherwise, $5.99 standard shipping

Additional Notes

  • Special Features: Commemorates Evan Carter’s first RBI in MLB and celebrates the Texas Rangers as World Series Champions
  • Return Policy: 30-day return policy; buyer pays for return shipping
  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 4 x 0.33 inches; weight: 0.32 ounces
  • Customer Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars based on 1 review

Seller Information

  • Primary Seller: Space City Investments offers bulk savings, with free shipping for US orders
  • Secondary Seller: MS Sports & Games, known for competitive pricing and positive customer feedback

Evan Carter’s action-packed Topps Now card captures a pivotal moment on the diamond. Initially, the card shows Carter, clad in the Rangers’ powder blue uniform, sliding on the reddish-brown dirt. The movement is frozen in time, with Carter’s focused gaze following the play.

Moreover, the card’s top left corner proudly displays the Topps Now logo, signifying its limited release. Below, the “CALL-UP” designation commemorates his ascension to the majors on 9.10.23.

Subsequently, the back of the card details Carter’s noteworthy MLB debut. The narrative recounts how, after his recent call-up, Carter seized an opportunity to extend his team’s lead. Consequently, he delivered a crucial RBI via a sacrifice fly, cementing his first major league run batted in.

Lastly, as the card’s summary emphasized, this decisive action played a key role in the Rangers’ victory over the Oakland Athletics. 

7. 2023 Evan Carter Panini National Treasures RPA #ECK-EC

Evan Carter Panini National Treasures RPA

The first – and only – RPA in our guide to Evan Carter rookie cards is also perhaps the most stunning card.

Firstly, the card front features Carter’s bold blue autograph, elegantly scribed above his name. 

Carter stands poised with a bat in his Texas Rangers blue jersey on a field of silver, which complements the design’s navy blue and white color scheme. The words “Ecklar’s Choice” and “National Treasures” also frame the central image, highlighting the card’s prestige.

Turning to the back, Panini’s narrative touts Carter’s early achievements. Specifically, it praises his veteran-like approach at the plate and his status as a consensus top-10 prospect. Lastly, it confirms the authenticity of the memorabilia and autograph, giving collectors peace of mind.

Despite being just 21 years old, Carter’s discipline at the plate and overall agility is beyond his years. In fact, there is a very strong chance he emerges as the American League Rookie of the Year in 2024!

8. 2024 Evan Carter Topps Series 1 1989 Auto #89BA-EC

evan carter 1989 topps auto

The Evan Carter 1989 Topps Baseball Autograph Card from the 2024 Topps Baseball series exhibits a classic design. The card features a vivid photograph of Carter in motion, decked out in the Rangers’ white and blue uniform. Meanwhile, his signature adds a personal flourish across the front.

Moreover, the design includes a red border, framing the image with a touch of tradition. Additionally, the Topps logo, along with the 35th-anniversary stamp and RC (Rookie Card) symbol, ensures collectors know its special status.

Consequently, the back of the card congratulates the holder for receiving an autograph card. Furthermore, it provides Carter’s vital statistics and reassures the collector of the signature’s authenticity. Lastly, the simple brown background focuses on the text, confirming this card as a treasured piece among Evan Carter’s rookie cards.

9. 2024  Evan Carter 1989 35th Topps Series 1 Auto Silver Chrome

2024  Evan Carter 1989 35th Topps Series 1 Auto Silver Chrome

Card Details

  • Type: Chrome Promo Card from the 1989 Series
  • Player: Evan Carter, Texas Rangers
  • Condition: Ungraded, new, and shiny due to its chrome finish

Market Performance

  • Recent Sale: A PSA 10 grade sold for $55.00 on April 25, 2024
  • Price Trend: The value has decreased by $5.00, marking an 8.3% drop over the last 30 days

Refractor Variations and Quantities

  • Blue: Limited to 150 copies
  • Gold: Limited to 50 copies
  • Green: Limited to 99 copies
  • Orange: Extremely rare with only 25 copies
  • Purple: Limited to 75 copies
  • Red: Extremely rare with only 5 copies
  • Superfractor: One-of-a-kind
  • Black: One of a kind

Auction and Availability

  • Current Auction: Bidding stands at $5.00, with the auction ending on April 29, 2024 9.
  • Availability: Part of at least 6 different sets

Pricing and Shipping

  • List Price: Priced at $1.99 with free shipping offered

Additional Information

  • Set Release: Part of the 2024 Topps Series 1 set
  • Special Features: This card is a chrome version, popular for its durability and glossy finish

The Evan Carter rookie card presents a crisp, dynamic image of the athlete, beautifully framed by the iconic Topps design. The front of the card features Carter captured mid-run, showcasing his focused intensity on the field. The navy and red of his Texas Rangers uniform stand out against the card’s clean white background.

Moreover, the signature “35th Anniversary” stamp and the “RC” logo affirm the card’s collectible status. Carter’s boldly rendered blue-ink autograph adds a personal touch right above the printed “Rangers” team name.

On the flip side, the back of the card echoes the front’s design elements, maintaining a vintage feel with its deep red and black color scheme. It extends congratulations to the holder, reinforcing the card’s significance as an autograph issue from 2024 Topps Baseball. 

Lastly, Carter’s position and draft information provide a snapshot of his early career milestones.

10. 2023 Evan Carter Topps Now ALCS PS #1004

Rounding off this list of Evan Carter rookie cards is one that commemorates a standout moment from the 2023 ALCS. The Topps Now card captures Carter mid-air, glove extended high against the fence, poised to make a game-changing catch. Additionally, his determination is evident, illustrating the athleticism and focus required for such a crucial play.

Moreover, the card design features the Topps Now logo in the upper left, the ALCS and MLB logos prominently displayed, and the date “10.15.23” anchoring the bottom. The “CALL-UP” banner adds a narrative element, hinting at Carter’s ascent in the league.

The back of the card describes the tense scenario that unfolded. Carter’s leaping catch thwarted potential extra bases in a game with a narrow 2-0 lead. Consequently, this play was pivotal in securing the Rangers’ victory, underlining Carter’s impact as a rookie.’

Most valuable Evan Carter rookie cards

Throughout this article, we have journeyed through the world of Evan Carter’s rookie cards, unveiling the variety and value these collectibles bring to enthusiasts and investors alike. From the dynamic ranges of the 2020 Bowman Draft to the exclusive 2023 MLB TOPPS NOW cards, we delved into the specifics that make Evan Carter’s cards a prized possession. The fluctuation in market values and the collector’s zeal for securing the rarest pieces underscore the significance of staying informed about the trends and specifics of the collectors’ market.

In reflection, the exploration of Evan Carter’s rookie cards not only emphasizes the importance of meticulous selection for collectors but also highlights the broader implications for those involved in sports memorabilia. As the market continues to evolve, the insights provided herein serve as a guide for making informed choices in building a valuable collection. For enthusiasts looking to expand or start their collection, the journey into collecting rookie cards promises a blend of excitement and strategic decision-making, ensuring the hobby remains as compelling as the sport itself.


Evan Carter Rookie Cards on eBay: Current Trends and Availability

  1. Most Traded Card
    The 2024 Topps #280 Evan Carter rookie card stands out as the most traded of his cards on eBay over the last 30 days, with transactions averaging at $1.95
  2. Rising Star in the Market
    Following closely, the 2024 Topps #280 Blue Foil /999 rookie card has seen a notable increase in activity, with a 17.9% rise in trades during the same period
  3. Market Availability
    Despite the popularity, no special promotions or hot deals exist for Evan Carter rookie cards
  4. Purchasing Details
    Collectors interested in acquiring Evan Carter rookie cards can explore eBay for a variety of listings, where sellers provide detailed condition reports based on ungraded guidelines



  1. Do rookie cards generally appreciate in value? Rookie cards are typically more affordable initially. However, their value can significantly increase if the player achieves notable success in their career.
  2. Is it considered the most elusive rookie card to find? The 1914 Baltimore News Babe Ruth Rookie Card is regarded as the rarest baseball card.
  3. Why do some rookie cards have higher values than others? The primary factor is rarity. Scarce rookie cards tend to be much more valuable than those more commonly available.
  4. Which types of baseball cards are considered valuable? Vintage baseball cards, especially those featuring legendary players such as Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, and Jackie Robinson, are highly prized. These cards can command very high prices at auctions, sometimes reaching into the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.’

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up our guide to Evan Carter rookie cards, we’ve seen some incredible card designs featuring a future HOFer. These cards are snapshots of a player’s first big-league dreams. For fans and collectors alike, snagging a piece of Carter’s journey offers a unique connection to the game we adore.

His cards, with those action-packed poses and autographs, aren’t just rad—they could be smart investments, too. Baseball is full of surprises, and Carter’s potential is like a wildcard in the deck. If he keeps knocking it out of the park, these cards might hit grand slams in the collector’s market.

Quick Hits

  • The investment outlook is looking positive.
  • For one, we still haven’t seen the young outfielder play a full season in the majors!
  • In just 23 regular-season games last season, he batted .306/.413/.645/1.058 with 5 home runs, 12 RBI, and 3 stolen bases. 

Of course, his postseason heroics are already the stuff of legend, as he set the record for most doubles in a single MLB postseason.

Fans and pundits alike expect him to continue his red-hot form in 2024, making his rookie cards a solid investment.

Remember, collecting should be about passion, not just profits. So, whether you’re in it for the love of the game or the thrill of the chase, keep swinging for those fences. Who knows? Your collection could be the next home run!

  • Ownership disclosure: one (1) 2024 Evan Carter Topps Debut PSA 10
  • Long-Term rating: 8.69 out of 10
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