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Let’s dive right into it. Trevor Lawrence is a stud, and you should buy now before he wins a couple of Super Bowl rings.

We will cover everything there is to know about Trevor Lawrence’s rookie cards. This will include his best and most valuable cards, a checklist of the most popular cards, and a long-term outlook.

First, who is Trevor Lawrence?

Lawrence was born on 10/6/199, was raised in Knoxville, TN, and standing 6 foot 6 inches tall, he towers over just about every quarterback in the NFL, standing 6 feet 6 inches tall.

From an early age, it was apparent this kid would be a big-time talent. He attended Cartersville High School in Cartersville, Georgia, and threw for 41 (senior), 51, 43, and 26 (freshman) touchdown passes throughout his four seasons.

Trevor had 161 touchdown passes along with 13902 yards through the air.

He was the number one prospect in the 2018 draft class, had a 101 rating with 247SPORTS, and a mind-blowing .9999 247SPORTS COMPOSITE. Lawrence was the 6th overall player of all time coming out of high school, which is insane (All-Time Football Players (

Who was drafted above him?

  1. Jadeveon Clowney
  2. Robert Nkemdiche
  3. Vince Young
  4. Ernie Sims
  5. Ronald Powell

Trevor Lawrence Rookie Year Stats

Unlike the prediction of many experts, Trevor Lawrence had a terrible rookie year. I felt Lawrence would positively impact the Jags upon arrival, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Trevor tossed only 12 touchdowns to a mind-blowing 17 interceptions.

Trevor’s rookie-year record was abysmal, winning only three (3) games to fourteen (14) losses. His completion rate was 59.6%, and he had 3,641 passing yards. His rookie year was far from what anyone expected, even though he was a rookie quarterback.

Best Rookie Cards

Now, let’s examine the top-rated Trevor Lawrence cards. If you have any questions about this list or would like an estimated value of your Trevor Lawrence football card, please email

Pro-Tip: The 2023 Prizm Football Set is loaded with star rookies. Check out the most sought-after 2023 Prizm football rookie cards.


#6. 2021 Trevor Lawrence Panini Mosaic RC #301

  • Average PSA 10 Price: $30
  • Availability: Common

Mosaic is an underrated card set with spectacular parallels, such as the “Reactive Yellow” and “Blue Reactive,” shown below.

I highly recommend these cards at a PSA 10 grade and own around a dozen (including high-end parallels).


#5. 2021 Trevor Lawrence Donruss Optic Downtown #DT33

  • Average PSA 10 Price: $1,700
  • Availability: Rare

The Panini Downtown cards get the same feedback as the KABOOM cards. Traditionalists may have an issue with it; many (like me) can’t get enough of them. Once again, please email me at if you have this card and would like to sell it or have a lead on it.


#4. 2021 Trevor Lawrence Contenders Rookie Ticket (Variation) RC #101

  • Average PSA 10 Price: $500
  • Availability: Uncommon/Common

I had to include both cards as they are too good to pass up. The Rookie Ticket base and Variation Trevor Lawrence RCs are excellent investment options. The best thing about the Rookie Ticket Panini football cards is that they come with autographs. I don’t go for autographs, but many out there do.


#3. 2021 Trevor Lawrence Panini Absolute KABOOM! #K41

  • Average PSA 10 Price: $600
  • Availability: Uncommon

KABOOM is my favorite RC in design and has been for some time now. Some traditional collectors are not fans of the KABOOM design. I understand but could not disagree more.

Please email me at if you have this card or have a lead on it. I will buy it without questions asked as long as the price is reasonable.


#2. 2021 Trevor Lawrence Donruss Optic Black Pandora Prizm Downtown Rookie Card #DT33

  • Average PSA 10 Price: $900
  • Availability: Rare/Uncommon
  • Parallels: N/A

Any Trevor Lawrence Downtown rookie card is a must-buy. These cards have a beautiful design and are extremely popular when they are up for auction at eBay, often receiving record-breaking bid amounts.

The only issue is any Downtown Trevor Lawrence rookie card you come across will cost some serious cash. An ungraded Downtown Lawrence RC will still go for more than four digits. I suggest buying a PSA 10 or PSA 9 graded card if you can afford it.


#1. 2021 Trevor Lawrence Panini Prizm RC #331

  • Average PSA 10 Price: $150
  • Availability: Common
  • Parallels: Black & Red Checker, Black & White Checker, Blue, Disco, Green, Green Ice, Lazer, Light Blue, Neon Green Pulsar, Orange Ice, Pink, Purple Pulsar, Red, Red Ice, Red/White/Blue, Silver, Snakeskin, White Sparkle, Orange /249, Purple Ice /225, Blue Wave /199, Hyper /175, Red Wave /149, Purple /125, Blue Ice /99, Green Scope /75, Orange Wave /60, Purple Power /49, Red & Yellow Asia /39 or /8, Red Shimmer /35, Blue Shimmer /25, Navy Camo /25, Forest Camo /15, Gold /10, Gold Shimmer /10, Gold Vinyl /5, Green Shimmer /5, Black Finite 1/1.

Above is a gorgeous Trevor Lawrence Green Prizm card, which will cost well into the triple digits at a PSA 10 grade.

Please note that a variation of this card can be found, numbered #V-331, and is shown below.

2021 Trevor Lawrence Panini prizm v331 variation rookie card

The variation will cost triple the amount of the base Prizm card. If you have the extra coin, spend it, as the ROI will be super similar over the long run.



  • 2018 Leaf US Army All American Bowl Patch/Auto #LT1
  • 2021 Panini Prizm RC #331
  • 2021 Donruss Optic Downtown Trevor Lawrence #DT33
  • 2018 Leaf U.S. Army All-American Bowl Patch/Auto #PA-TL1
  • 2021 Pro Set #XRC1
  • 2018 Leaf Metal US Army A/A Bowl TOUR Auto /15 #TL1
  • 2018 Leaf US Army All-American Bowl Autograph Printing Plate
  • 2021 Panini Contenders Auto RC #101
  • 2020 Rookie Gems Gold Cracked Ice #16
  • 2018 Platinum Cuts Facsimile Auto Trevor Lawrence And Joe Burrow Trevor Lawrence RC /1000
  • 2018 Leaf Metal U.S. Army #BA-TL1
  • 2018 Leaf U.S Army All-American #55
  • 2021 Panini Donruss Rated Rookie #251
  • 2021 National Treasures RPA /99 #156
  • 2018 Hot Shot Prospect
  • 2021 Topps X
  • 2021 Panini Mosaic Scripts #SMTL
  • 2020 Contenders DP Auto #101
  • 1/16 2018 RC Facsimile Auto Platinum Cuts 1/1


What is the most valuable Trevor Lawrence rookie card?

The 2021 Panini National Treasures RPA /99 Trevor Lawrence RC is the most expensive of his rookie cards, checking in at $274,000. The exact sales dates are unknown, but buyers will not pay that price currently as the value has dropped drastically since that sale. Now may be a good time to invest in this card if you have the bankroll.

#1. 2021 Trevor Lawrence Panini National Treasures /99 RC #156

most valuable trevor lawrence rookie cards national treasure rpa /99

The 2021 Panini National Treasures RPA /99 Trevor Lawrence RC at a PSA 10 grade is his most valuable. The exact dollar amount of this card is unknown as it has not been sold for a long time.

I would guess between $20,000 to $50,000 (PSA 10) digits, but I can’t say that for sure as card prices have dipped recently, and Lawrence hasn’t been exactly setting the world on fire in 2023.

#2. 2021 Trevor Lawrence Flawless RPA Ruby Rookie Patch Auto RC /15

The Lawrence Ruby rookie card checked in at a healthy $17,400. This was a BGS-graded card 9.5 with a 10 for the autograph rating.

The centering was 9.5, the edges 9.5, the surface 9.5, and the corners 9.0. We usually attempt to invest in PSA 10 graded-only cards but occasionally purchase a BGS 9.5 if the deal is right.

#43. 2020 Trevor Lawrence Panini Select GOLD XRC Prizm SSP RC

Sold for $13,900 on August, 30,2023.

Honestly, I’m not a massive fan of this card as the design there is meh at best in my opinion and the Panini “Select” brand is boring me to death.

Can we please retire this set?

Thank you.

#4. 2021 Trevor Lawrence Contenders Optic Rookie Auto Cracked Ice #101

2021 Trevor Lawrence Contenders Optic Rookie

This card recently sold for just over $8k on 1/28/2024.

I love the cracked ice design, which comes with an autograph. The only problem is that this card is super rare at high grades, and you might come upon it maybe five times during the year. Be ready to jump on it if it becomes available.

What is the average value?

I took the most recent 1000 Trevor Lawrence RC sales on eBay, added them up, and divided by 100. The average value of his rookie cards was $58.55.

Autograph card values?

What is the most valuable Trevor Lawrence Autograph RC recently sold on eBay, not including the National Treasure? This card would be the 2021 Flawless Trevor Lawrence RPA Ruby Rookie Patch Auto RC /15, which sold for $17,400 via eBay auctions on 9/8/2023.

Long-Term Outlook

  • 10-year ROI rating: 9.97 out of 10
  • Ownership disclosure: A dozen or so Mosaic RCs, another dozen or so Prizm base RCs (all in PSA 10)

As you can see, I’m long and strong on Mr. Trevor Lawrence. I have been following this kid since his high-school days, then at Clemson, where he dominated, and now in the NFL.

His NFL career has been up and down to date, but that is good for us investors as it allows us to get his cards at a discounted value. I feel Lawrence is a surefire bet for NFL stardom, and Superbowl rings and MVPs will come in the upcoming years.

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