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Victor Wembanyama has taken the NBA trading world by storm since being drafted 1st overall by the San Antonio Spurs in the 2023 NBA Draft. Born and raised in France, Wembanyama is a 7’4 210 lb Center/PF, one of the tallest professional basketball players in history.

He was first discovered during a U-11 game in France when Michael Allard, a youth coach for the Nanterre 92 pro basketball team in France, mistook him for an assistant coach of a youth team. After learning he wasn’t a coach but a player who wasn’t even a teenager yet, Allard quickly recruited Wembanyama to his team.

Victor Wembanyama Projections in 2025

2025 Wemby NBA Projections: 35 mins | 27 ppg | 12 rebounds | 11 assists | 10 blocks | 5 steals

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Wemby in Europe 

He first joined the youth system at Nanterre 92 and eventually landed on the senior team in 2019. Wemby also played for ASVEL and Metropolitans 92 while in French’s top pro league, Pro A. He won the 2022 Pro A championship with ASVEL and won the 2023 MVP, Best Scorer, and Best Defender awards as a member of Metropolitans 92.

After his success in France, he was the consensus #1 overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft and is generally seen as the best basketball prospect since LeBron James.

Watch Why Some Feel Wemby will be better than LeBron

Victor Wembanyama’s Game

There have been many outstanding basketball prospects in the last few decades, but few (if any) have the potential that Wemby does. What makes Victor Wembanyama so good is his combination of size and skill on both ends of the court.

On the defensive side of the ball, his 8-foot wingspan makes him a block machine and he gets plenty of steals, too. He’s also quick and while he’s a better post defender than perimeter, he handles himself well out on the wing.

On offense, he’s a great shooter for his size, has a strong post game, and a nice touch around the basket. He’s also a great passer and an above-average ball handler for his size. The only potential downside is his game is his skinny frame and lack of strength, but he should fill out a little as he gets older and works with strength and conditioning coaches.

NBA Career So Far

While some people were worried about if his style of play would translate well to the NBA and if his lack of strength and weight compared to other NBA bigs would hurt him, it hasn’t so far. A little over half-way through his rookie season, Wembanyama is averaging over 20 points, 10 rebounds, and 3 blocks per game. He’s also done this playing relatively few minutes compared to other stars.

These numbers essentially make him a lock for the Rookie of the Year and he’s also in the conversation for Defensive Player of the Year.

It’s hard to compare Wemby to any active player due to his unique size and skills. He’s a disruptive force like Rudy Gobert on defence, with the offensive skills of a slightly less-polished Kevin Durant. This is very high praise for a player who hasn’t even played a full season in the NBA.

There’s no limit to how good Wemby can be if he stays healthy throughout his NBA career, and we could be watching someone who goes on to be one of the true GOATs in NBA history.

Now that you know more about Victor Wembanyama , let’s take a closer look at some of his best and most popular cards for collectors and investors alike.

1. 2023 Victor Wembanyama Panini Prizm Base Rookie Card #136

Base Prizm Victor Wembanyama rookie card

The Victor Wembanyama prizm rookie card shows him sporting the black San Antonio Spurs Icon jersey as he advances the ball down the court, his eyes looking ahead to search for an open teammate or an opportunity to drive to the basket for a big dunk.

It has a beautiful metallic border and black background, and features his team name at the top and his name and the set name at the bottom.

The back of the card goes over his impressive stats during his last season with Metropolitans 92, and states that even if he couldn’t dribble well (which he can) and was slow (which he isn’t), he would still be a high-end player thanks to his size and skills.

An ungraded version of this card often goes for between $60 and $120, with a PSA 10 frequently going for over $500.

2.2023 Victor Wembanyama NBA Hoops Rookie Card #298

NBA Hoops Victor Wembanyama base card

This card features a simple and classic design with a dark background, the set name at the top, the Spurs logo, and Wembanyama’s name at the bottom. It shows him in the black Spurs jersey with his back to the basket, looking determined as he posts up his opponent to try for an easy two points.

The 2023-24 Panini NBA Hoops Basketball Cards  are one of the more underrated sets in our opinion.

The rear side of the card goes through his physical stats, including the fact that he was born in 2004. Yes, that’s a year AFTER LeBron James came into the NBA. It also goes into detail about how Wembanyama drives to the hoop with a mix of speed and finesse that seems downright unfair for someone who is 7’4.

A PSA 10 will sell for between $50 and $80 in most cases, but an ungraded version may only go for between $5 and $10.

3. 2023 Victor Wembanyama Donruss Rated Rookie Card #220

Wemby green laser donruss card

Once again in his black Spurs jersey, this card shows Wembanyama controlling the ball as he looks down on his opponent, likely deciding whether to pass to a teammate or make a move into the paint. It has a sparkling holographic effect that shoots beams of green lights from the edges of the card to the middle.

The card has a clean border, and features the set name as well as Wemby’s name and the word Spurs in the bottom right corner. On the back, the card has a vibrant blue and white design that features his name dominating the top of the card, and his team at the bottom.

It also shows a quote from Spurs teammate Devin Vassell, in which he says that Wembanyama regularly does things that he and other players have never seen before on a basketball court.

The ungraded version sells for between $50 and $150, with a PSA 10 version likely going for much more.

4. 2024 Victor Wembanyama Donruss Hardwood Masters Diamond SP RC #3

Victor Wembanyama Donruss Hardwood Masters Diamond

One of the best details about this card is the reflective coating that shimmers like a diamond. It can go from looking like a basic card with a simple design at one angle, to one with beautiful holographic effects at another. The image of Victor Wembanyama in the middle of the card is the only part that doesn’t shine, which helps him stand out even more on the card.

The front also features his name, his team, and both the Donruss and Hardwood Masters logos. Turn the card over and you’ll see his name and team logo, as well as a blurb about how despite being a rookie, Wembanyama has already become a household name thanks to his freakish build and his incredible success playing professional basketball in France.

The raw card itself sells for between $150 and $250 generally, with a PSA 10 going for well over $500 in most cases.

5. 2023 Victor Wembanyama Presentations Panini Hoops #20

best wemby rookie cards

This is a unique card as it features a drawing of Wembanyama’s face looking to his left instead of a photo of him ballhandling, shooting, or posting up. It has a subtle shine throughout the card and a clean border around the outside. The card has Presentations written in the top left, and his name and team along the bottom.

The back includes a white border and darker center, with a statement that raves about his talent on both offense and defense. This section also goes through some of his stats in his second Summer League game, in which he scored 27 points, grabbed 12 rebounds, and had 3 blocked shots.

It also features the Spurs logo, his name, Presentations written in the upper left, and both the Panini and NBA logos at the bottom. This is a valuable card as it sells for $250 to $300 raw, with PSA 10 versions regularly going for upwards of $500.

6. 2023 Victor Wembanyama SI For Kids Rookie Card #1053

Victor Wembanyama SI For Kids card

Victor Wembanyama is seen flying through the air on this card, wearing his Metropolitans 92 jersey as opponents look on in awe. The photo is from one of his games against the G League Ignite (a developmental basketball team one level below the NBA), which was when many Americans were first introduced to Wemby back in late-2022.

The front also has his name and Metropolitans 92 at the bottom, along with the Sports Illustrated for Kids logo in the top-right. Flip the card over and you see another photo of Wemby, his physical stats, and goes into detail about his aforementioned performance against the G League Ignite in which he scored a whopping 37 points.

It also includes a fun fact that before Wembanyama was taken 1st overall in the draft, the highest-drafted French player was Killian Hayes, who was selected 7th overall in the 2020 NBA Draft. The price of this card varies, but it has sold over $100 raw plenty of times, with some auctions reaching closer to $200.

7. 2023 Victor Wembanyama Topps Allen Ginter RC #271

Topps Allen Ginter Wemby card

This card has a unique retro-inspired design, and features a great-looking drawing of a smiling Victor Wembanyama. It has a stylish border and frame, with his name in the bottom right and the Allen & Ginter logo in the bottom left.

The read side of the card is relatively basic and features the words “The World’s Champions” along the top. It also includes his name, and a short blurb about how he’s one of the most celebrated basketball prospects of all time. It’s a budget-friendly card as it only costs a couple of dollars ungraded, with a PSA 10 version selling for around $50 t0 $80, in most cases.

8. 2023 Victor Wembanyama Panini Prizm Draft Picks Silver RC #2

Victor Wembanyama Prizm Draft Picks Silver

Victor Wembanyama is seen pulling up for a shot in an all-white uniform on this card. It has a white border around him as he shoots, to really draw your eyes to the center of the image. The card features the Panini Prizm branding at the top, and his name along the bottom. Around the card you have a shiny silver frame that shimmers with color as it hits the light.

The other side of the card includes a close-up of Wemby’s face as he shoots, and a statement about how unique he is compared to other big men. While it’s not uncommon to see big men like him dunk a ball, what he can do in terms of his dribbling and shooting at 7’4 is sure to turn heads whenever he plays.

An ungraded version can sell for around $50 to $75, with a PSA 10 normally fetching somewhere between $200 and $300.

9. 2022 Victor Wembanyama Bowmans Best U Refractor RC #51

Wembanyama Bowmans Best U Refractor 51

This card shows Wemby aggressively driving to the hoop as a member of Metropolitans 92. It features his name and team along the bottom, and includes the branding for the Bowman set at the top left and behind him. The card has a nice reflective coating that shimmers with different colors if it’s held at the right angle.

Turn it around and you get a glimpse at one of Wembanyama’s best games of the 2022-23 season with Metropolitans 92. In it, he scored 32 points (his 4th straight game with 30+ points), 10 rebounds, and 4 blocks and led his team to a 9th straight win at the time.

This card sells for around $30 to $45 raw, and this price goes up to between $200 and $300 for a PSA 10.

10. 2022 Victor Wembanyama Bowman University Inception Auto #VW

Victor Wembanyama auto Bowman University Inception

The image on this card shows Wembanyama looking focused as he’s lining up to take a free throw. It has a unique multi-colored circular design around the photo, with the word “Inception” along the top and his name and team on the bottom. It also features his autograph, which is rare for Wembanyama cards this early in his career.

The back of the card congratulates the owner on receiving the card and also guarantees the authenticity of the autograph, as it was signed in front of a Topps representative to ensure it’s legitimate. Because of the autograph, this card is quite valuable and has sold for over $1,000 raw, with a PSA 10 version going for around $3,000.

11. 2023 Victor Wembanyama Slam Deck Equipes de France

Wembanyama Slam Deck

This card shows Wembanyama in his Team France jersey posing with a basketball in hand. It shows his name, number, and a collection of numbers, which are a part of the Slam Deck game that this card was released for. That’s right, it’s not a traditional trading card, but is used to play a game in France.

The rear of the card is simple and just includes the Slam Deck logo, the French Federation of Basketball logo, and the words “Team France Basket” on top. This card sells for only a few dollars raw, but a PSA 10 can go for around $50 to $75.

12. 2022 Victor Wembanyama Bowman’s Best University Refractor Auto SSP #BOA-VW

Bowman’s Best University

Wearing his Metropolitans 92 jersey and giving off a big smile, Wembanyama looks pleased within himself on the image of this card. Not only does the card feature a sharp design and a reflective coating to show off amazing shimmering colors at the right angle, but it also has his autograph.

On the back, you’ll see the Topps logo, his name and team, as well as a message congratulating you for getting your hands on such a sought-after card. The ungraded version of the card has sold for between $1,000 and $1,500, with a PSA 10 getting upwards of $2,000.

13. 2023 Victor Wembanyama Panini Court Kings Blank Slate SP Rookie RC #12

 Victor Wembanyama Court Kings Blank Slate SP

The first thing you notice about this card is just how tall Victor Wembanyama is as he dribbles the ball up the court. It has an incredibly clean and simple look, with a stunning textured design. This is a card that begs to be on display and shown off to the masses.

The back of the card includes the Spurs logo at the top, as well as the Panini and NBA logos at the bottom. It also goes through some of the other players that had similar hype to Wemby before coming to the NBA, such as LeBron James, Shaq, Oscar Robertson, and others.

It’s a Blank Slate case hit, and as such is incredibly rare with only a few being out there in a wild and as such, has a lot of value. It has sold for over $5,000 on multiple occasions.

14. 2023 Victor Wembanyama Panini Prizm Monopoly Rookie #81

Best Victor Wembanyama cards Prizm Monopoly

This rookie card showcases Wembanyama as he looks ahead with ball in hand, likely looking for an open teammate or an opportunity to score the ball. The card resembles the Panini Prizm base rookie card with its design that features a sleek and reflective border.

This card comes from a set that’s a partnership between Panini Prizm and Monopoly. In addition to collecting the Monopoly cards, you can also build a deck and play the game against others. However, there’s no building properties like traditional Monopoly. Instead, you compete to get more points than your opponent.

On the back, it has his stats, his name, and some logos including NBA, Monopoly, Panini, and the San Antonio Spurs. It also includes player ratings, which are used when playing the game. The card sells for around $10, with PSA 10 versions often being sold somewhere between $150 and $225.

15. 2023-24 Panini Court Kings Victor Wembanyama RC Rookies II Level 2 #106

Panini Court Kings Rookies II Level 2 106

Wemby is usually all business when he steps on the court, but this card catches him in a moment of elation. The colours and design are stunning, and it’s among the most visually-appealing Wemby cards out right now. It’s got the Court Kings logo in the top-right, the Spurs logo in the bottom-right, and his name along the bottom.

Once you turn the card over, you see the same colorful design, with the Spurs logo and his name front and center. The back of the card goes over how excited the city of San Antonio was about his arrival, even mentioning that several murals of the French big man were created across the city.

Even without a PSA grade, this card sells for around $100 to $150, but if you get a PSA 10, it can sell for over $500.

16. 2023 Victor Wembanyama Prizm Deep Space Rookie Card #1

Victor Wembanyama deep space card

Featuring Wemby observing the court ahead of him with the ball in hand, this card has cool galactic nebula sections with silver reflective borders around them. It has the words “Deep Space” across the top of the card, with his name, the set name, and his team name at the bottom.

The rear of the card has the same space-inspired design on the front, as well as his name, team, and the Panini branding. It also has a short blurb about some of Wembanyama’s best offensive skills, including passing, shoot, and driving to the hoop. The ungraded version of this card goes for around $10 to $15, whereas a PSA 10 version can sell for upwards of $200.

17. 2023 Victor Wembanyama NBA Hoops Arriving Now RC #26

Wembanyama Arriving Now

The image on this card shows Wembanyama holding the ball looking to take a shot or pass the rock to an open teammate. Along with an eye-catching yellow background, the design features a mock boarding pass on the right side, highlighting how he’s “Arriving Now” to the NBA.

The back of the card also features a boarding pass-inspired design, and has a headshot of Wemby along with some information about his second ever Summer League game in the NBA. In that game on July 9th 2023, he scored 27 points to go along with 12 rebounds. Even from the early onset of his career, it was obvious he was a player just oozing with talent and potential.

This card fetches around $10 to $30 for the raw version, with a PSA 10 getting between $50 and $100 or so.

18. 2023 Victor Wembanyama Panini Court Kings Self Expression #7

Victor Wembanyama self expression

The first thing you notice when you see this card is the vibrant colors across the center of the card. It also has horizontal design, with the Spurs logo and his name on the left, Wemby himself looking intently at the basket in the middle, and the words “Self Expression” on the right.

If you turn the card over, you see the same colors in a similar pattern, as well as his name and the Spurs logo. The card also details that while it may take Wemby a while to reach his full potential, he is almost sure to be a superstar. His ceiling is among the highest of any NBA prospect ever, which was one of the many reasons why the Spurs took him 1st overall without a second thought.

The ungraded version of the card has a value of around $150, and if it’s a PSA 10, the selling price goes up to well over $400.

19. 2023 Victor Wembanyama Donruss Elite Rookie #231

Victor Wembanyama Donruss Elite 231

We once again see just how tall Wemby is as this card shows him bringing the ball up the court. The background features a light orange color, with a unique pattern that glistens in the right light and at the right angle. It’s a relatively simple design, with his name, team name and logo, and the Donruss Elite branding on the front.

On the flip side, the back of the card is a plain black and white design, which actually matches very well with the team colors of the San Antonio Spurs. It also features an amazing story of how Wembanyama dyed his hair white and purple briefly in the offseason.

In 2022-23 Spurs player Jeremy Sochan became well-known for dying his hair different colors like orange, blue, and green. After becoming a member of the Spurs, Wemby clearly liked the style and asked Sochan where he got his hair dyed, and the rest is history. The pictured orange version card sells for around $100 to $150 in most cases.

20. 2023 Court Kings Victor Wembanyama Works In Progress RC #2

Victor Wembanyama Works In Progress insert

This card features a smiling Wemby as he poses with the ball in one hand. While the top half of the card looks great, it only gets better as you move down and see his image fade away from a photo to a drawing. This is a nod to the fact that it’s a Works in Progress card, of course. The rest of the front of the card has many small plus signs, as well as the words “Works in Progress” and “San Antonio Spurs” in a unique pencil-inspired block font.

The back of the card features the same photo/drawing hybrid of Victor Wembanyama, as well as a statements about how even though he isn’t a finished product yet, the Spurs can already count on him to be a significant contributor for the team. Buying this card normally costs around $30 to $50.

Most Valuable Victor Wembanyama Cards

With Victor Wembanyama being the most hyped NBA rookie in well over a decade, plenty of his cards are worthy a pretty penny right now. Many of the most valuable are different versions of his Panini Prizm rookie card with a PSA 10 grade.

For example, a Blue Shimmer FOTL /35 has sold for over $17,000, a Green Pulsar /25 went for over $16,000, and a Red Power /75 for more than $12,000.

However, the highest price that any Wemby card has gotten so far is over $67,000 for a 2022 Bowman’s Best University SuperFractor 1/1 Auto.

Fun Facts About Wemby

  • He has one of the longest wingspans in NBA history at 8 feet.
  • He’s an artist and enjoys drawing, writing, reading, and more. He also enjoys visiting art galleries.
  • He’s currently tied with Boban Marjanovic as the tallest active player in the NBA at 7 ‘4.
  • In 2023, he became the youngest player to win the LNB Pro A MVP award.
  • He comes from a family full of athletes. His dad was a track and field star, while his mom, sister, brother, grandpa, and grandma all played basketball.

Budget Victor Wembanyama Cards

While many Wembanyama cards are relatively expensive, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any deals for those on a budget. In fact, there are numerous raw cards that you can normally pick up for under $20. This includes:

  • 2023 Victor Wembanyama NBA Hoops Rookie Card #298
  • 2023 Victor Wembanyama Topps Allen Ginter RC #271
  • 2023 Victor Wembanyama Slam Deck Equipes de France
  • 2023 Victor Wembanyama Prizm Deep Space Rookie Card #1

Popular Wemby Rookie Cards

Several of Wembanyama’s cards are very popular for both collectors and investors. The Panini Prizm rookie cards in particular are beloved, and there are a number of different parallels to search for. Some are relatively common, whereas others are very rare.

In a similar vein, his Donruss Rated Rookie card is highly desired and comes in a variety of styles and colors, too. The Sports Illustrated for Kids card is another popular option for those who want one of Wemby’s earliest-released cards.

Most Popular Autos

While he doesn’t have a ton of autographed cards out yet, a few that have come out are very well-liked. This includes:

  • 2022 Victor Wembanyama Bowman University Inception Auto #VW
  • 2022 Victor Wembanyama Bowman’s Best University Refractor Auto SSP #BOA-VW

Similar Cards/Players

While Victor Wembanyama truly stands out from his peers, there are a few similar players he often gets compared to. Some of the best examples of this are Chet Holmgren, Kevin Durant, and Tim Duncan.

Here’s a closer look at why they’re similar to Wemby, how they stand out in their own right above the average NBA player, and their ideal card to invest in.

Chet Holmgren 

Like Wembanyama, Chet Holmgren was a rookie in the 2023 NBA season. He was technically drafted the year before, but missed what would have been his rookie season due to injury. Both players are tall and fearsome presences in the paint, with great shot blocking and defensive positioning.

Both are solid scorers, but Holmgren is particularly effective from deep. During the regular season, he hit 37% of his threes, which is impressive for someone of his size.

There are several great Chet Holmgren cards, but one of the most ideal to invest in is the 2022 Chet Holmgren Panini Prizm Rookie Card #266. An ungraded base version sells for between $5 and $15, and some rarer parallel versions have gone for over $1,000.

Kevin Durant 

As he was gaining hype, one of the most common comparisons for Wemby was Kevin Durant, and it’s easy to see why. Both possess great offensive movement and ball handling skills for their size, as well as being able to score both inside and out. They have similar body shapes and styles, too.

While Durant does a lot of good things, his incredible scoring prowess sets him apart from other players. He has averaged over 25 points per game in every season he’s played outside of his rookie year. In fact, when all is said and done, Durant will likely go down as one of the highest scoring players of all time.

If you want to collect Kevin Durant cards, a great option is the 2007-08 Kevin Durant Topps Chrome #131. This card generally goes for between $50 and $100 ungraded, with a PSA 10 going for between $500 and $600. A PSA 10 refractor version of the card has sold for nearly $2,500.

Tim Duncan

Like Wembanyama, Tim Duncan is a former 1st-overall pick of the San Antonio Spurs. Both players have incredible interior defensive skills and outstanding shot blocking, along with solid offensive moves in the post. They’re also both solid passers for their size.

Duncan had some of the best fundamentals in the league and wasn’t a flashy player, but just got the job done each and every night. While Wemby gets a lot of praise and attention, many believe that Tim Duncan is one of the most underrated players ever.

His ideal card to collect and invest in is the 1997 Tim Duncan Topps Chrome RC #115. It sells for between $20 and $50 raw, and between $175 and $300 for a PSA 10. The refractor version of the card in a PSA 10 has gone for over $5,000.

Future Outlook

The future is incredibly bright for Victor Wembanyama. He is already proving to be one of the most dominant players in the NBA, and is still barely 20 years old. Once he reaches his full potential, there’s no telling how good he could be.

As a result, investing in his cards is likely to be quite fruitful going forward as he blossoms into one of the top basketball players in the world. If he ends up being as good as people think, cards from his rookie year could eventually be worth a fortune.

However, keep in mind that there are many more basketball card sets yet to release in 2024 that are sure to have Wembanyama featured heavily. So it also couldn’t hurt to wait and see what else comes out in the upcoming months before deciding what to invest in.

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